What is a good SAT score in 2021? If you want the answer to this question, then keep reading.

You are probably intending to take the SAT soon and have been wondering what a good SAT score is.

You know that having a good SAT score will determine if you are qualified for whatever it is that you want to use the SAT test to apply for. Knowing what is a good SAT score will help you work towards achieving it.

What is A Good SAT Score

What Is a good SAT Score for 2021 Overall?

A good SAT score is a score that is high enough to get you into the schools you are applying for. A good SAT score is one that is deemed as outstanding compared to other test takers. Checking out the averages and percentiles will help to determine what a good 2021 SAT score is.

According to the current College Board data, the new average SAT score for 2019 is 1059 (out of 1600). The fair score for the Math section is 528, while the average score for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) section is 531. This implies that good SAT scores are any scores above 1059/1600.

Looking at the 2019 percentile data from the College Board, we can determine what is good SAT score, and how they can be evaluated as poor, good, and great.

Note that a percentile informs you what percentage of other test takers you scored exactly as or better than on the SAT. For instance, an 75th percentile score implies that you scored exactly as or better than 75% of test takers.

Percentile-         – EBRW   – Math – TOTAL

99th (Best)-        750 and above  – 790 and above – 1510 and above

90th (Excellent)-             – 670     – 680-690              – 1340

75th (Good) –     610 –     600       – 1200-1210

50th (Average)  – 530     – 520*   – 1050-1060

25th (Poor)-       460*     – 450* –               910

10th (Poorer)-   400       – 380-390              – 800

1st (Poorest)-    330  and below –  310 and below  – 680 and below

Source: SAT Understanding Scores 2019

Estimated score based on available percentile data

Note that the Math and EBRW scores at a specific percentile might not add up precisely to the total score at the exact percentile. This is probably a conclusion of approximation.

Considering the chart above, you might have noted that you are only required to score 1340 to be one of the top 10% of test takers. Meaning that you don’t even have to score 1500 or more.

The same way, a score of 800 or less than puts you in the lowermost 10% of test takers and won’t appear very remarkable on college applications.

However, it doesn’t end on the percentiles, you have to consider what is a good SAT score for the particular colleges you’re applying to.

Your percentile won’t be good enough if your score is not high enough to get you into your dream school. Note that a good percentile score varies according to the requirements of the school you are applying for. Your percentile score might be very good but not good enough for the school you want to apply for.

Asserting this fact, you should know that if you were applying to awfully competitive Ivy League-level schools, like Stanford and MIT, your goal score must be very high—lets say around a complete 1600. But for less competitive schools like University of Oregon, you can as well settle a good score of around 1200-1210.

This is why you have to know what is a good SAT score of the school you are apply for.

How to evaluate your SAT goal score for 2021

If you want to evaluate what is a good SAT score for the school you’re applying, then you need to tale out time to follow the instructions on the page.

After going through this guide, you’ll no longer ask what is a good SAT score is all about.

Draw out a Chart

Firstly, draw out a chart like the one below and list all the schools you are applying to in this chart.

Check this sample chart with a few schools filled in already:

School Name –   25th Percentile SAT Score           – 75th Percentile SAT Score

University of Florida

University of Miami

Florida State University

University of Tampa

Research SAT Score details for Your Schools

The following step is to work out some research online to learn what is a good SAT score for each school in order to fill in the rest of your chart. Mainly, you should search for the middle 50%, or average, range of SAT scores⁠—i.e., the 25th and 75th percentile scores⁠—for each school.

Document the 25th and 75th percentile composite SAT scores in your chart. Repetite this process for every school you are applying to.

When you are done, your chart should appear as:

School Name     25th Percentile SAT Score           75th Percentile SAT Score

University of Florida       1220              1470

University of Miami        1180              1470

Florida State University 1160              1320

University of Tampa       1020              1200

Deduce Your SAT Goal Score

Then pick out your target score. Get at the highest 75th percentile score in your chart—this should be your intended score, as it’s the one mostly inclined to get you approved to all the schools you’re applying to.

Conclusion: So what is a good SAT score for 2021?

How to determine what is a good SAT score for 2021.

  • You can check out the national average, which is 1059. Any score higher than this threshold can be evaluated as a good score, as it implies that you have achieved better than the majority of test takers.
  • You can also determine a good SAT scores by looking at SAT score percentiles, which relate your performance with those of other test-takers. The higher your percentile, the better you did in comparison to other students. Typically, scores in the 50th percentile (1050-1060) are fair, while scores in the 75th percentile (1200-1210) and 90th percentile (1340) are good and excellent, respectively.
  • Another way is to deduce what scores are favourable for you depending on the schools you are applying for. Check the SAT score data for each of your dream schools; the highest 75th percentile score should be your target score.

With all this, you should know what is a good SAT score now and the score that is good enough for you and how to work towards it.

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