UTSA Scholarship Hub is an innovative platform where students find excellent scholarship opportunities they are eligible for, which also includes the Scholarship Hub’s General Application. The UTSA Scholarship Hub consists of diverse Financial Aids and scholarships funded by universities and organisations supporting UTSA. UTSA provides scholarships to eligible students to help them further their education in their various career paths.

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To apply for these scholarships, you must complete and submit the Scholarship Hub’s General Application every year. Candidates are to contact the department for their major and find out what scholarships they offer, application procedures, and the appointed deadlines.

To gain access to the scholarship Hub, candidates are to log into the UTSA Scholarship Hub using the myUTSAD ID and passphrase. They are to then answer the questions for the application. After this has been done, candidates are to click “finish” and submit their applications.

The platform also enlists some other available scholarships based on the candidates’ applications. Candidates can them review theses scholarships and apply for anyone they think they are qualified for.

Candidates selected for a scholarship will be notified,(mostly via email).

Most scholarships require letters of recommendation. However, if you need a recommendation in your application, you will be asked to provide the person’s full name and email address, an email will be sent to the individual containing steps to submit their recommendation letters.

To apply, applicants are to visit the UTSA Scholarship Hub and sign in with their myUTSA ID username and password. For those who don’t know their usernames, your username is the myUTSA ID login used to access ASAP and other UTSA computing services.

For more information, contact UTSA One Stop at 210-458-8000.

Only admitted students are eligible for the scholarships, however, students applying for admission and have not yet been admitted can sign in and complete the Scholarship Hub’s General Application and check to see if there are other scholarships available for them

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Graduate students who are admitted by the UTSA Graduate School in a degree-seeking program are also eligible to apply. And International students must meet the general criteria to apply.