The University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) formerly known as the University of Maryland University College is a public university located in Adelphi, Maryland.

The name was officially changed on July 1 2019 after the Governor of the school, Larry Hogan signed ratification legislation to approve this in April.

According to the President of the University of Maryland Global Campus: “The name University of Maryland Global Campus affirms both our roots as a respected public institution in the state of Maryland and our global footprint,”

“From its founding in 1947, UMUC has been a leader and pioneer in adult higher education and a particular source of pride to Marylanders for its history of service to the U.S. military around the world,” Gov. Hogan asserted at the bill signing in April.

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“This new name reflects the institution’s established standing as a global leader in adult higher education, its impact as an innovator and early adopter of online education, and its focus on helping Maryland build its highly skilled workforce through affordable, accessible, and career-relevant academic programs.”

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About University of Maryland Global Campus

The university was established in 1947 and is centered on online education – this includes all its degrees and programs on campuses. The online education covers the Academic Center in Largo and the Satellite Campuses in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area and globally.

Of all the University System of Maryland campuses, the University of Maryland Global Campus is the biggest.

The University of Maryland Global Campus is an extension of the evening program usually held for adults. The evening program which commenced in the 1920s takes place in the University of Maryland.

The College of Special and Continuation Studies (CSCS) was founded in 1947 and was then reformed into the University of Maryland College. The University of Maryland College became an independent institution in 1970 before coming to be a part of the University System of Maryland in 1988.

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The international campus in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, (near Stuttgart) used to belong to the University of Maryland College but this ended in 2002.

The University of Maryland Campus used to run a two-year residential campus which awarded a two-year associate degree in Munich, Germany, from 1950 to 1992. The residential campus was then carried to Augsburg, Germany in 1993, it was there till 1994 before it was once again carried to Mannheim, Germany, in 1995. The campus was then closed in 2005. This residential campus also served high school graduate kids of U.S. military and government personnel settled in Europe.

The University of Maryland College used to partake in the ICDE Prize of Excellence from the International Council for Open and Distance Education in 2004. In 2008, the University of Maryland College had programs for more than 130 military installations in areas across Europe and the Middle East, as well as in Asia. The university’s classes were on-site starting from 2015, and it was opened to 20 countries, with approximately 11,000 students.

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Impact of University of Maryland Global Campus

Ever since its establishment, Maryland Global Campus has been centered on easy access to education. Education was made available for adults – working adults like veterans, service members amongst others- and was global. The first step in the journey of their global education system was when the school had professors go overseas to educate servicemembers who were actively on duty and based in Europe.

Up until now, they are still focused on online classes and these classes are held in over 20 countries globally.

As of now, more than 90,000 students globally enjoy the benefits of this institution. The University of Maryland Global Campus has a 100 percent acceptance rate for undergraduate programs. It is therefore available to every applicant.120 academic programs are awarded in the online classes which are managed by instructors.

The University of Maryland Global Campus awards bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, they also award undergraduate and graduate certificates.

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Is University of Maryland Global Campus Accredited?

Yes, the University of Maryland does not have accreditation issues.  The University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

School Programs

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers :

  • Undergraduate Program

There are over 30 bachelor’s degree programs offered here and undergraduate certificates in business management, computers/information technology, communications, criminal justice/legal studies, and social sciences are awarded.

  • Graduate Program

Over 55 master’s degree programs, graduate certificates, and doctoral degrees are offered in University of Maryland Global Campus graduate program. The graduate programs are not just limited to online classes as they have classrooms. Most of the master’s degrees are accessible in an accelerated Executive format or executive online format only.

  • Military Base Deployed locations

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers direct courses and support in areas like Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Guam, Japan, Okinawa, Singapore, South Korea, Garcia amongst others.