High School Graduates enrolling at the University of Central Florida are eligible to participate in the Provost Scholarship, an award program designed to reward outstanding academic performances of students.

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To apply for this scholarship, candidates must make sure they meet the eligibility requirements, students who apply for admission into the University of Central Florida for summer or fall will be considered for the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Only exceptionally brilliant high school graduate students who are admitted to study a program in the Summer or Fall semester by Undergraduate Admissions will be awarded the scholarship. Students seeking to be considered must meet the following requirements:

•Must be enrolled to study a full-time program with a minimum of 12 UCF credit hours. Matching hours taken at another institution will not be considered in the hours for full-time enrollment.
•Candidates must graduate the semester.
•Candidates are to name the courses needed for graduation and the name of the undergraduate degree to be received.

NOTE: Candidates are urged to visit the official website for detailed information.

Students who are unable to enroll full-time due to some circumstances can appeal to the UCF Scholarship Committee. Candidates who want to appeal must submit their appeals before the semester in which the candidate is enrolling. Students whose appeals are not approved will forfeit the scholarship.

To renew the scholarship, there are certain academic criteria that must be met by aspirants. The academic progress of students is evaluated once a year. Candidates who wish to renew the scholarship must the following criteria:

•Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters to be awarded.
•Students admitted before fall 2021 must earn 24 credit hours between the previous fall and spring terms.
•Students admitted fall 2021 and after must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours each academic year, fall/spring/summer combined. Students who are not able to meet this requirement before the due time can use the summer term to earn the 30 credit hour requirement.
•Candidates must be able to maintain the qualifying cumulative GPA to renew the scholarship.

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For More Information, Please Visit the Official Website