Step Up for Students is a Florida based nonprofit scholarship firm for students with special needs, bullied students, and low-income students. The scholarship provides students in Florida seeking to advance in their education with special grants and scholarships to help pay for the cost of education.

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This program was created by Florida’s two largest scholarship organisations, Children First and Florida P.R.I.D.E, founded by John Kirtley.

More than 150,000 students benefitted from Step Up in 2020/2021 through five scholarship programs. There are five scholarship programs under administered under Step Up. These scholarship programs award about 99% of all scholarships in Florida. The scholarship programs under Step Up are listed below:

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

Inaugurated in 2001 by Florida’s former governor Jeb Bush, the program offers funds to low-income students to attend private schools.

•The Gardiner Scholarship

The Gardiner Scholarship is a scholarship award for children with special needs. The scholarship provides children with certain disabilities to have access to good and quality education in private schools and scholarships. The scholarships can be used to pay for textbooks, tuition, materials needed for effective study and much more.

•The Hope Scholarship

This sholarship is specifically for victims of bullying, and sexual and physical assaults. The scholarship provides candidates with funds to pursue a career in a private school.

•The Reading Scholarship

This scholarship provides students with money to fund summer school programs, textbooks, tutoring, and other equipment that will help students improve in their studies.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship program, the candidate must be attending a public school and belong to a family with low income.

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Step Up is one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the united states. The scholarship program has recorded more than a million beneficiaries. It is highly recognised in Florida as it is one of the two non-profit scholarship organisations in Florida. With its commitment to improving the lives of thousands of students facing difficulties in society due to disabilities, class, bullying, sexual or physical harassment, etc, Step Up stands as one of the largest scholarships in the United States and the world at large.

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