The international scholarships for Women which has been in existence since 1998 are granted to selected women for full-time research or study at prominent Canadian or U.S. institutes, both graduates, as well as postgraduate educations, are financed under these scholarships for Women sponsored by SheBegan Women’s Magazine.

The international scholarships for women (ISW) program gives support for women studying full-time graduate, undergraduate, or postdoctoral programs in the U.S.A. The entire education aid grants are given to the women of all countries other than Iran, to study in U.S.

First nomination for the scholarships for Women will be given to the women that demonstrate initial devotion to the benevolent or volunteering work for empowering women in their specific fields and also to the women through professional, community, or civic work.

International Scholarships for Women Sponsorship Coverage

  • Health insurance in support with Sunlife insurance company
  • Expense on Return flight: US$1600 (Once per anum)
  • Kindly note that the cost for scholarships for Women Undergraduate degree sponsorship: US$18,000
  • Master’s/first professional degree sponsorship: US$28,000
  • Doctoral degree sponsorship: US$26,000
  • Postdoctoral degree sponsorship: US$32,000
  • Books & Literature expense: US$1000 per year
  • The scholarships for Women monthly allowance of US$1200 for an undergraduate student, US$1600 for Master student, US$1800 for Doctoral Student and flexible package for post-doctorate student

International Scholarships for women sponsorship is NOT given for the following intentions:

  • Academic Research Paper Publication costs
  • Scholarships-in-aid for under a complete academic year or traveling scholarships
  • Research assistants expenditure
  • Tuition for dependent’s education
  • Purchase of equipment in the laboratory or experimentation
  • Travelling to or from a fellow’s home nation above once a year
  • Institutional expenditures (overheads)
  • Prior maintenances, arrears, or reimbursement of loans
  • Indirect expenses of travel or conference expense
  • Institutional (overhead) expenses

International Scholarships for Women 2021 Session intake

Qualified women with the desire to get assistance for tuition in the U.S. have two chances in 2020 to submit the application. The deadline for the nomination of the first batch is April 20, 2020, and the deadline for the second batch is June 30, 2020.

All the scholarships for Women applications will be analyzed first to order qualified and meriting candidates on top of the list and then those candidates may receive web-based interview call letters for the examination of final selection.

Course Program For International Scholarship For women in America is Bachelor’s, Masters & P.h.D in all academic fields. NO IELTS/TOFE required. By April 15, 2020, the interested candidate for scholarships for Women must have received a conditional admission letter from a U.S. University. The deadline for the selection of the first batch is April 20, 2020, and the deadline for the second batch is June 30, 2020.

These are scholarships for women 2020 & will be given to the women that prove prior dedication to the Community social work or volunteering work for empowering women in their specific fields and also to the women through professional, community, or civic work.

International Scholarships for Women in USA 2021 Details

  • Host Country: United State in America
  • Course Level: Bachelor, Master, P.h.D
  • Type of Scholarship: Fully Funded

Course Level and Majors

ISW Scholarship 2020 is giving Fully Funded Scholarship to women youth in Bachelor, Master, P.h.D and post-doctorate

Applicants can apply in All academic Fields of any university in the USA, however she is required to submit an offer letter from the university in the application system prior to the deadline.

Financial Coverage

International Scholarships for Women in USA 2020 is a Fully Funded USA Scholarship 2020 from developing countries also.

Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women Requirements 2021

ISW Scholarship Applicants should ensure that they meet up with the following standards to become qualified to the International Fellowship:

  • Age prerequisite for degree programs relies on the University requisites.
  • Carry an educational grade (received abroad or in the U.S.) coequal to a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. for enrollment application on master’s program, carry a degree counterpart to a master degree in the U.S. to apply for a doctoral grade program, or carry a legal doctoral degree to apply for a post-doctorate position.
  • Intend to return to her home nation to take up a professional occupation.
  • Determined to devote herself to the planned educational plan, if selected. A commitment letter needs to be approved by the candidate upon receiving the ISW Scholarship.
  • Be competent in English. Unless the candidate can verify that her resident lingo is English (statement required in writing), that she attained her undergraduate degree or secondary diploma that was taught in English language (transcript needed)


That she is required to submit a letter that gives indication of her work as a full-time researcher enrolled in English taught program (transcript needed – English Proficiency Certificate needed), IELTS, or English language proficiency evidence is necessary.

Required Documents

  • Conditional acceptance letter from the U.S. University in medical, engineering or science program
  • Proof of candidate’s English reading, writing and speaking proficiency. A letter from a prior University indicating that the prior degree was taught in the English language is applicable. Candidates submitting IELTS with at least 6 bands do not require an English proficiency letter from University.
  • Comprehensive Resume enrolling all the extra-curricular activaties and volunteer involvement by the candidate
  • Two recommendation letters from professors of previously attended an educational institute
  • Research plan for Doctoral degree program applicants and research agenda for master degree course applicants is also necessary
  • Motivation letter that states why you desire to study in the U.S. and how ISW Scholarship can assist you.

Selection Criteria

  • Candidate residing in a home nation at the duration of submission will get special attention
  • Obligation on going back to the home nation
  • Experienced or Academic education scores
  • Volunteer work in women empowerment niche
  • Apparently projected time agenda to accomplish research
  • Feasibility & Quality of the projected agenda of research or study.
  • Substantiated indication of prior community services in the home nation.
  • Aspirant’s country’s prerequisite for specialized learning or skill
  • The fiscal need-based prerequisite for the award
  • Enthusiasm for graduate research with a flare of prior applicable work
  • The candidate has to be from an understated part of the nation and/or kind of university excluding a most highly ranked research institute.

How to Apply For International scholarships for Women 2021 in USA

Application is to be done online. To Apply now kindly visit the online scholarship registration portal.

Ensure you don’t make mistakes while submitting your online application for 2021 scholarships for Women in the US.

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