You are probably having difficulties with writing an essay for the scholarship you intend to apply for and might be wishing to find a good template for guidance. Well, do not stress as this article contains scholarship essay examples that will make it easier to write your own scholarship essay.

Having good scholarship essay examples to prepare your scholarship essay is important because you need to have an idea of what is expected of you by the selection committee.

Your scholarship essay should not be sub-standard, it has to be top-notch even when you are expressing yourself, your dreams and passions, how you discovered what you are passionate about.

In case the scholarship essay is about yourself, a creative writing scholarship, or an essay about why you merit the scholarship, the scholarship essay examples below can enable you to comprehend how a scholarship essay should be and how to go about it.

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One of the things that prepared me for the journey ahead is my background. The main impact that it has had on me is the zeal to become successful.

My mother had to work a double shift at work while my dad traveled around gathering items that he resells. Due to this, my sister and I had to stay with a neighbor who had a local drug store around our street. Most of the people around my neighborhood barely visit the hospital except when they are badly down. This was how I began to pick interest in drugs, medical prescriptions, and the relationships between different drugs and different health issues.

My parents valued education and this was one of the values that they instilled into my sister and me. Their hard work was for the betterment of our future and all they wanted in return was for us to be successful and determined.

I didn’t want my disadvantage to be an excuse and because of this, I put in extra work at school. I led a Press Club in my sophomore year and founded a First Aid Club this year. The motive behind this First Aid Club was to ensure that students involved in any form of accident especially during sports or students with slight illness were managed, only serious cases had to go to the Medical Center.

This built me and helped me enhance my leadership skills. I was able to work on my interpersonal relationships and how to boost my communication skills. I learned to fit into the position of a good role model by instructing my younger family members on acceptable manners, helping my sister out with school works, and guiding her in their academics so that she can do satisfactorily in her education.

In school, I supervise my peers, especially members of my clubs in coordinating team consistent techniques and in networking with a nonprofit organization for service events.

This huge interest made me begin to seize opportunities to increase my knowledge in this field – when I volunteered in hospitals and medical centers and in most cases helped the patients with the doctors prescription. – when I began to relate with patients in a friendly manner – when I helped out with patients who were having a hard time dealing with their diagnosis – when I helped out with difficult patients.

I participated in the 2019 Richmond Fall Volunteer Program at Richmond Medical Center and I discovered that being a pharmacist is what I lived for. The program stretched my ability and knowledge and I discovered that I might know more than the basics, but I still had a lot to learn. I found out that there are several openings in various fields of medicine and in various strategies in operating in the medical industry and I wanted to expand my knowledge. I began to draw out a plan for myself, what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to go about it. And one of the most important things to do was become a part of a team that would not only broaden my perspective but also broadens my prospect as a pharmacist.

One of the plans I had laid out was on pursuing my career interest.

I intend to pursue my dream of becoming a pharmacist by obtaining an MSc and to double major in chemistry. I plan to study at UC Davis as a chemistry major, where I expect to become incredibly involved with the student community.

After graduation, I intend to cultivate a strong network relationship with Panama Healthcare System just as I have started last year in the course of my internship.

I am applying for the BSH Foundation scholarship based on my passion, determination, value, and prospects. Apparently, this scholarship will make it easier for me to pursue this dream considering the fact that the monetary aid will help me financially, at the same time, it will also give me the impetus to academically nudge myself to seize every opportunity to be better.

I also have the desire to use this scholarship in applying for a study abroad program, where I can broaden my perspective of the world outside the USA and discover other methods and approaches to life. I would also like to learn about other cultures as I study and carry out researches.

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N.B try as much as possible to be expressive when writing about yourself, your dreams, and your passions. However, be real. Don’t sell yourself short, mention your achievements and all the volunteer services that you were involved in.

I strongly believe that the scholarship essay examples listed above will be of great help to you.

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