If you want to know about San Joaquin Delta College today, then we have some shocking things you must know.

You are probably seeking to check out your options for the next admission and probe if San Joaquin Delta College is suitable for you if you are reading this.

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About San Joaquin Delta College

The community college which is situated in Bay County’s Frankenlust Township, 5.5 miles southwest of Bay City, Michigan was established in 1955. Classes were commenced in 1961 after its construction was ratified by the voters of the three counties -Siginaw, Midland, and Bay- that comprise the district in 1957.

Before the establishment of San Joaquin Delta College, an existing college, Bay City Junior College which was established in 1922, was having difficulties when it comes to offering support to the thriving student enrollment.

San Joaquin Delta College became an outright replacement for Bay City Junior College.

Saginaw Valley State College – as it was renamed in 1975- which was originally known as Saginaw Valley College was established in 1964.

San Joaquin Delta College and Saginaw Valley State University together make up the University Center, Michigan in 1987.

As at 1967, San Joaquin Delta College successfully completed two residence halls on the campus. However, the residence halls were shut down, with the first shut down in 1991 and the second shut down in 1993.

The Board of Trustees of this college is made up of nine trustees with each county having three representatives.

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San Joaquin Delta College Learning centers

There are learning centers belonging to this college in three of its neighboring counties – The Planetarium and Learning Center in Bay City, Midland Center in Midland, and Saginaw Center in Downtown Saginaw.

Sports in Delta College

Six varsity sports from Delta College compete in the NJCAA, and is on the MCCAA’s committee. Men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, women’s soccer, and men’s golf are the games in which the pioneers compete.

Delta College has a history of two wins in national championships – one was the men’s basketball in 1989 and softball in 1999.

In the 2011/2012 academic year, the varsity sports were increased with the women’s soccer team and baseball teams.

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Delta College’s Media

San Joaquin Delta College has its own media which is run by the school, they include the WDCQ-TV (Q-TV), the region’s PBS station, and WUCX-FM (Q-90.1). The NPR affiliate belongs to the Central Michigan University (CMU) and it is run by both Delta College and Central Michigan University(CMU).

All these stations are altogether known as the Quality Public Broadcasting. The Quality Public Broadcasting fulfills the media needs of 1.2 million audiences in mid-Michigan.

Asides from the TV and FM, there is a newspaper which is run by students of Delta College. The newspaper, Delta Collegiate has been published ever since the opening of the college in 1961.

This student newspaper, Delta Collegiate produces a new issue every two weeks during the fall and winter semester.

The school’s Library Learning Information Center (LLIC) has now acquired an online archive of the first 50 years of the Delta Collegiate.

What is The Cost of Attendance

It is important to know your cost of attendance before applying for admission to any school. This is to know if the school is affordable or if you will need to seek other means of finance – scholarship, out-of-school jobs, loans, etc- in order to sponsor your education.

As a student, your Cost of Attendance (COA) is calculated according to the calculated costs of a regular Delta student’s tuition & fees, the books that you will need to purchase annually and supplies needed to see you through the year, room and board expenses, transportation to and from school, and expenditures for a nine-month academic-year for your personal needs ( that is through fall and spring semesters).

The Cost of Attendance of every student cannot be uniform, it differs according to your place of residence, the California state residency status, and the educational program that you are applying for.

Nine-Month Expense Budgets

This is an approximate cost of attendance at San Joaquin Delta College. So if you are thinking of applying for admission at college, you might want to check this out to know how much you might want to budget for this and how to prepare for your financing.

This is the cost of attendance depends on a 9 month period of enrollment of 14 units per semester.

San Joaquin Delta College Budget

The enrollment fee for students is $1,288.00. The cost of books and supplies is $1,080.00. The cost of Room and Board for students staying with their parents is $8,780.00 but it is $16,580.00 for students not staying with parents.

Personal expenses and Miscellaneous expenses for students staying with parents is $3,225.00 but for students not staying with parents, it is $3,784.00.

Transportation for students staying with their parents costs $938.00 while it costs  $858.00 for students not staying with parents. In conclusion, students not staying with parents are expected to prepare $15,311.00 while the ones not staying with parents are to prepare for the expenses of $23,590.00.

For out-of-state students, an additional amount of $278 is to be paid.