Kindly find out everything you need to know about ROTC scholarship 2021 now. The scholarship is for students who are dedicated to serving in the military.

An ROTC scholarship will sort a large part of your college fees in return for your involvement in military training while in college and service after you graduate.

Whether you are a student seeking a profession in the military or looking for a well-structured career path after college, an ROTC scholarship may be an alternative to consider.


The ROTC which is an acronym Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is an officer training program for college students who are determined to serve in the U.S. military after college. There are more than 1,700 civilian, military, and junior military colleges that host and partake in an ROTC scholarship program. The Army, Navy, and Air Force have their personal ROTC, and although the Marine Corps does not possess its own ROTC, there is a Marine alternative of the Navy ROTC.

Note that ROTC scholarship is among various aspects of aid given by the military. Another aspect of aid is given by the Coast Guard through the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI). If acknowledged into this scholarship program, students will be enrolled in the Coast Guard, finished basic training during the summer, and collected full funding for up to two years of college.

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How can ROTC Scholarship help pay for college?

High school students who apply for an ROTC scholarship program are qualified for scholarships sorting the entire expense of tuition, fees, and textbooks for four years, together with a monthly allowance for personal expenses. Students who have monetary requirements beyond what is sorted by an ROTC scholarship may seek additional aid from the federal government or other sources.

When you receive an ROTC scholarship, you are lawfully bound to serve in the military for a specific number of years. If you refuse to fulfill the educational or military service prerequisites of an ROTC scholarship, you could encounter dis-enrollment from the ROTC and could be bound to extra active duty and repayment of ROTC financial assistance.

ROTC scholarship

ROTC scholarship Requirments

ROTC Courses: If you enlist in an ROTC program and obtain an ROTC scholarship, you are expected to take ROTC courses in addition to your other college classes. Most colleges that host an ROTC program provide lectures on the history, structure, and function of the military branch in which you are contributing, and other branch-specific classes.

ROTC Training: In addition to the educational factor of the program, you will furthermore acquire military training. This encompasses leadership theory, field operations and tactics, health, and physical fitness. In these principles, ROTC programs convey elements of military life and duty to the college ordeal. Students who do not wish to be engaged full time in a military environment may contemplate partaking in an ROTC scholarship program instead of attending a military college.

ROTC Summer Programs: As a portion of their skilled and leadership development training, ROTC cadets must partake in summer training at several locations each year.

Students in Army ROTC attend Basic Camp in Fort Knox, KY, which encompasses classroom and field training in a rapid time frame of four weeks. The camp qualifies freshmen and sophomores for registration directly into the Advanced Course, which comprises of optional courses taken in the last two years of college, and a five-week progressive summer program also completed at Fort Knox. The Advanced Course also needs a devotion to performing as an officer in the Army after graduation.

As a component of the Air Force ROTC program prerequisites, cadets must finalize an Air Force ROTC General Military Course in their freshmen and sophomore years, a Professional Officer Course their junior and senior years, and a 13-day summer field training between their sophomore and junior years at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

Navy ROTC midshipmen are expected to partake in several training programs during the summer, comprising the NROTC Indoctrination Program (which is basic militarization and training expected for all midshipmen the summer before freshman year) and CONTRAMID (which is surface, submarine, aviation, and Marine Corps Orientation training for NAVY ROTC second and third class scholarship midshipmen).


Each department of the military that gives an ROTC scholarship has its own distinct ROTC service responsibilities and requirements:

  • The Army ROTC scholarship expects eight years of effective service after graduation – four years of effective duty and four years in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard.
  • The Navy ROTC scholarship expects five years of effective duty service after graduation, while the Marine Corps and Navy Nurse Corps scholarship expect four years of effective duty service.
  • The Air Force ROTC scholarship needs four years of effective duty service for those passing into non-flight career fields, six years for those passing into the air battle management/combat systems officer/navigator career field, and 10 years for those passing into the pilot career field.

ROTC scholarship qualification

ROTC scholarship application prerequisites differ relatively among the branches that give the scholarship but the following eligibility criteria must at least be fulfilled in all cases:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must be at least 17 years of age
  • Must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA (3.0 for Air Force ROTC)
  • Must meet minimum SAT and/or ACT requirements
  • Must have a high school diploma
  • Have got to meet prescribed physical fitness standards

ROTC scholarship Application Steps

If you are desire an ROTC scholarship, you should call upon your local military recruitment office or go to the website of the service branch you are interested in. Visit as soon as possible, rather during your junior year of high school, or early in your senior year. Scholarships frequently go to students majoring in subjects that are highly esteemed by the military, such as engineering, computer science, certain foreign languages, or nursing.

Army ROTC applications for high school students can be located online through the Army’s website, while applications for present college students are to be delivered to their college’s Department of Military Science. Air Force and Navy ROTC applications for high school students can be located online through each service’s website. Students with desire in a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship must apply through the Navy ROTC.

For students presently enrolled in college, the Army and Navy ROTC both provide two- and three-year scholarships. The Air Force provides the In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP), which awards scholarships according to merit during two selection periods in the fall and spring.

ROTC Scholarship application deadlines vary by military branch. The present deadlines for ROTC scholarship are as follows:

Army ROTC – February 4, 2021

Air Force ROTC – January 14, 2021

Navy ROTC – December 31, 2020

JROTC for Early Interest.

High school students interested in the ROTC are urged to analyze the Junior ROTC (JROTC) for timely ordeal in military training. Through training, competitions, and a curriculum concentrated on military sciences, the JROTC strives to infuse the attitude and discipline required to equip young adults for the moderately difficult ROTC programs, with an emphasis on leadership skills development.

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