The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is a merit-based scholarship program offered at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The program offers approximately 25-30 aspirants out of thousands of applicants the opportunity to access quality education in both institutions each year.

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The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program aims at investing in young students who are making notable impacts and contributions to society. The program also aims to remove the barrier associated with the political nature of today’s society such as race, age, gender, color, origin, religion, sexual orientation, and other bias factors implanted in the society. The program seeks to provide a charitable environment for students to gain comprehensive knowledge without partiality or prejudice.

The program is looking for students who have shown extreme boldness and significant potentials to become great leaders. The program seeks to reward students who show leadership potentials. The scholarship will help nurture them to become their best selves and prepare them to thrive in their respective study fields.

The program inclines to promote a world where diversity is accepted. They aim to promote cooperation which is necessary for a prosperous community. They acknowledge that young leaders together, irrespective of the other’s moralities and predisposition, can create a prosperous world.

The program was created in 2000 by Julian Robertson, one of the 1955 graduates of UNC-Chapel Hill. Mr. Robertson encouraged the alliance between Duke and the University of North Carolina to foster the progress of youthful leaders.

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program provides eligible students with scholarships for up to four years. The scholarship will cover tuition fees, mandatory fees, room, and board, and also provide beneficiaries full funding for the three summer experiences. The summer experiences are initiatives designed for Duke Undergraduates to conduct research and access internship opportunities. These summer experiences include:

Community Summer

Candidates will spend their summer participating in community service and internships in the United States after their first year of living together. This initiative aims at creating a long-lasting relationship with the candidates and also helps them to learn more about the United States.

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Exploration Summer

This initiative allows candidates to spend the summer exploring their interests, either academic, cultural, international, or domestic interests. Candidates get to choose what they want to do or what project they want to work on.

Launch Summer

This summer experience allows students to spend the summer after junior year engaging and exploding themselves and coming up with projects meant to thrust them into their various career paths after college.

The High School application for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program will be open for applicants on August 15, 2021, and will be closed on November 15, 2021, at 11:59 pm. While the application for Current Duke & UNC First-Year students will commence on October 1, 2021.

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