Inaugurated in 1898, the Posse scholarship is an academic and merit-based scholarship award that has helped thousands of students with full funding to further their education.

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Posse Scholarship was one of the nonprofit organisations to receive a Nobel Peace Prize Money from President Obama in 2010.

Posse Scholarship honours students who exhibit academic excellence with funding to further their education across different institutes in the United States.

Beneficiaries of the Posse Scholarship will be awarded a full-tuition scholarship for four years of their study at their selected University. However, the scholarship does not cover all the students’ expenses, students will have to pay for accommodation, textbooks and other mandatory expenses at their institutions.

To be considered for the Posse scholarship, candidates are to meet the following requirements:

•Must be a first-term senior high school student.
•Must exhibit leadership skills.
•Must be academically excellent.
To apply for the Posse Scholarship, applicants must be nominated to proceed with the application process. Candidates can be nominated by their teachers, community leader, etc, and can also nominate themselves.

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Nominated candidates will be assessed and evaluated. Successful candidates will be notified if they are chosen for the scholarship program.

The application deadlines for the Posse Scholarship vary depending on the city in which the candidates are applying from.