Check out all the Personal statement examples we have on this page today. You discover how to write a personal statement if you’re told to do so.

Having an example of your personal statement will give you a clue as to how your personal statement is supposed to go.

But then, you should also have the basic idea of what a personal statement is.

What is a personal statement?

The personal statement is your opportunity to boast of your strengths, exclaim about your accomplishments, and let out your professional aspirations. Your personal statement is meant to be a small indication of who you are as a professional, and what you have to deliver in terms of knowledge and purpose.


“Recent graduate with a Masters degree in Accounting from Akita University. Professional work knowledge as the former Account Officer of Baltimore Auditing Firm. Seeking to begin my career in Accounting in a role where I can build on the dexterities attained at university and through my work experience.”

Personal Statement Examples


How to write a personal statement

Your personal statement should comprise a short summation of who you are, your strengths, and any employment knowledge and/or academic you have obtained. Be certain to entail skills you have attained, such as time management, interpersonal skills, customer service, teamwork, computer skills, etc.

Try not to clutter it up with tiring business-speak, and remove clichés such as phrases like ‘hard worker’ and ‘works well individually or as part of a team’.

In case you have little to no work experience, discover other ways to sell yourself, things like your hobbies and interests that indicate skills which are applicable to the job you are applying for:

  • Leader of Badminton team (indicates leadership)
  • Volunteer/community work (indicates you are proactive)

Likewise, do away with any personal details that are not applicable to the role you are applying for.


  • “Passionate school leaver with five GCSEs seeking an internship in the engineering field. Maintaining good written and verbal communication skills and a passion for engineering which has traversed my lifetime with a unique devotion for electrics. For my GCSE Design & Technology project, I invented a functional blender and was rewarded with an A*. Seeking for a start in the stimulating world of electrical engineering where I can learn a business and realize a lifetime ambition.”
  • “A pro-active digital marketing professional with more than four years’ experience. Functioning as a Digital Marketing Executive for BeYours, I hit my given targets and was promoted within two years. This position has encouraged me to improve a profitable and handy skill set which puts me in a good position for a Digital Marketing Manager role. ”

How to layout a personal statement

The most reasonable way to layout your personal statement is to answer the following questions:

  • Why does this role interest you?
  • Why are you suited to this role?
  • Do you have any prior employment or practice that is applicable to this line of work?
  • Have you participated in any undertakings that help establish your capabilities?
  • What professional skills do you have that make you an excellent candidate?

Once you have replied to these questions, you will have a favorable idea of what you can bring to the position. You can use these clues to deduce the layout of your personal statement, pointing out what to accentuate and what to downplay. For example, if you do not possess any practical work knowledge, you can always use your educational achievements or handy skills learned over the years.

How should I begin my personal statement?

Begin your personal statement with a short professional statement about yourself.


  • A journalist experienced with five years’ knowledge working in digital media.
  • A highly inventive journalism expert who has just obtained their master’s in videography in accumulation to the four years’ experience across digital media.
  • A professional web developer with comprehensive familiarity with web languages, including XHTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

How lengthy should a personal statement be?

A personal statement should be a brief and abrupt definition, varying from 50 to 150 words. Note that this is not a personal essay or a cover letter. It is clearly a statement of who you are as an expert.

An example of a personal statement

“My academics are presently the prime preference in my life, but of proportional significance is being equipped to learn more in a setting where I can attain the knowledge and civil skills that will help me to improve as an individual. This is the justification behind my decision to apply to your organization as I am of the opinion that it has the favorable combination of educational professionalism, an accepting environment, and an active social scene that can enable me to develop professionally and emotionally. I have also been captivated by your organization due to its well-recognized prestige for generating highly employable arts graduates. This, alongside your professed dedication to delivering students with satisfactory educational tutoring and preparing them with the mandatory work associated skills, has persuaded me that registering with you is what I require to equip me for my first job.

As an intelligent person, I have a real intention of where I aspire to go in my career. This translucence of conception has made me excited to take my primary steps towards accomplishing my employment purposes by beginning a degree course that will put me on the path to a financially stable future. As an artistic individual with an enthusiasm for craft and drawing, I am eager to discover more about the world of art, specifically its narrative, how it functions, and what it can give the world. I yearn to comprehend how modern and creative art can motivate people to encounter feelings and sentiments that they would not contrarily possess.

I already acquire a comprehensive understanding and valuable knowledge of several associated fields like photography, portrait, animation, and pictorial communication. I would incredibly prefer to broaden my perception of these professions and it is for these motives that I am submitting my application to your university.

On an additionally subjective level, I am a social person who appreciates spending time with friends and family. I, however, also love to be part of my local community and be interested in what is going on around me. I mostly get included in helping out as an unpaid volunteer at local exhibitions and pastimes, especially if there is a cultural aspect in it.

If you believe there is a common interest, I would accept the chance to meet with you to understand more about your university and to deliberate in considerable detail why I believe I would be a favorable fit for your course.