MyCornerStoneLoan intends to assist families in funding higher education. They also educate students on saving for their studies, looking for scholarships and grants, and borrowing wisely.

Many people take to the internet to search if MyCornerStone Student Loan is Legit or Scam from time to time, today you will find out for yourself now.

Students are also provided with conscientious and personalized service to enable accountable payment. The prosperity of students in financing and accomplishing their academic goals fulfills their purpose. maintains a 35-year tradition of high-quality customer service in student loans. Practically, the CornerStone Education Loan Services Program provides student loans under the administration of the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA).


7 things About MyCornerStoneLoan

1.) MyCornerStoneLoan is a non-profit initiative of the Ministry of Education: MyCornerStoneLoan is a non-profit initiative that enables students to access loans. This is due to the fact that lots of students encounter difficulties with financing their tuition. This is the motive behind an initiative like MyCornerStone. UHEAA is a government agency in the state of Utah that is also an aspect of the Utah higher education system.

2.) is legit. There have been several questions as to the legitimacy of MyCornerStoneLoan. The Department of Education has approved CornerStone to aid FFEL and Direct Loans.

As mentioned earlier, MyCornerStoneloan has been giving out federal student loans for more than 35 years. Unlike many other student loan service provider, they do not have their pros and cons. If you carry out a quick Google search of MyCornerStone student loan review, you will rest assured that you can trust this loan service provider.

CornerStone continues to be a reasonable fit as a federal loan servicer, although you don’t get to pick the person who manages your loan.

3.) involves the student, the school, the United States Department of Education, and the CornerStone Education Loan Services:

After the student might have collected a federal student loan to enable him/her to proceed with higher education. An aspect of the student loan agreement pertains to repayment, this is where the service of MyCornerStoneLoan comes in.

The school’s financial aid department assists the student to finalize the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA). Finalizing the FAFSA is how the student is eligible to obtain federal funds.

The United States Department of Education finances various student aid programs and a part of this is the direct loan program. This is where the financing of direct federal loans comes from. Education Loan Services (Your Provider) credible for allocating federal student loans as well as enabling students to successfully manage and refund their loans. If CornerStone Education Loan Services have been chosen as a service agent, they will be your main aid for any inquiries you may have about your loan repayment.

4.)  FASFA application is used to determine eligibility :

After you must have finished and sent the FAFSA to the Ministry of Education. The Department of Education utilizes your FAFSA application to deduce what financial aid you are qualified for. Once this detail has been evaluated and processed, your credentials will be sent to you and your school. After your credentials have been sent to you and your school.

Your school steers you through these details and enables you to know the types of financial aid ready for you.

You specify the aid you require and acknowledge it through your financial aid office.

After this, you finalize and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN), which depicts your payment terms and your commitments as a borrower.

Your school is functioning with the Ministry of Education to have your loan processed and paid to sort your school-related expenses.

Your agent ( is appointed by the Ministry of Education at the period of your first allotment to enable you to reimburse your loan (s).

If you have been appointed to CornerStone, you will operate with them to analyze all of your payment, deferment, forgiveness, and registration options.

5.) Acceptable Payment Methods includes electronic checks, paper checks, and money orders:

CornerStone accepts electronic checks, paper checks, and money orders.

6.) My CornerStone Loan Offers Deferrals and Forbearances, Loan consolidation, Advice to release student loans amongst others:  My CornerStone Loan offers services that provide an easy and smooth experience for the student.

  • Deferrals and Forbearances;
  • Monthly payment plans which comprise income-based reimbursement under REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, and ICR plans.
  • Loan consolidation
  • Student loan forgiveness (for instance, public service loan forgiveness program); and
  • Advice to release student loans.

7.) CornerStone is a Federal Student Loan Administrator

In existence are nine federal loan service companies, and CornerStone is one of them. The Federal Student Aid, loan service companies are set to deal with things like billing and other services on your federal student loan account.

A loan service can aid you:

  • Provide aid with several federal payment plans, like the standard payment plan and income-oriented payment plans.
  • Student loan refinancing or loan consolidation
  • Manage or amend your monthly expiration date
  • Deduce if you are qualified for a student loan forgiveness or forgiveness program
  • If you are having difficulty paying or terminating your loan, your agent can assist you with the alternatives available for deferment or forbearance.


The simplest means of discovering if has your direct or FFEL loans is to check out the National Student Loan Data System.

The NSLDS is the Department of Education’s main database of federal student aid. It includes important information about the monetary aid you collected at school (grants, student loans, etc.)

In order to lo log in to the National Student Loan Data System, you will require an FSA ID.

If you possess that, you connect to the data system at

HOW TO LOGIN TO MyCornerStoneloan LOAN?

All you have to do is click on the registration icon in the top right corner of the page to login to MyCornerStoneloan (the CornerStone Loan website).

You can, however, only log in on if you are already a member of the Institution.

If this is not the case, you can become a member of CornerStone Loan online. All you are required to do is to “Create Account”.

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