Students who aspire to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are more likely to seek information about the school to help them prepare adequately.

This article contains necessary information about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, especially for students who will like to transfer to the school are want to know what it takes.

Most transfer students find it hard to find a school that they feel is suitable for them, some will like to consider the acceptance rate of the school they are applying to. There are several things that a transfer student should be curious about when it comes to sending an application or transferring to any school.

This can be the acceptance rate, the minimum required Grade Point Average for college and high school, the tuition fees and scholarships awarded by the school. Even though our main focus is the transfer acceptance rate, we will also be checking out several other necessary information and it is advisable that you read through to the end.

Several students prefer schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology even though it is a very selective school. In this article, we will check out how selective the school is.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the well-known and best institutes in technology and innovation in Europe.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in 1861 to deal with the boost in the industrialization of the United States. The university makes use of a European polytechnic university prototype and emphasized laboratory teaching in applied science and engineering.

Transfer Requirements for MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology expects at least 0 creditsand necessary documents.

Required documents include high school transcript, college transcript, essay or personal statement, standardized test scores, statement of good standing from the prior institution. An interview is not required.

What are Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Transfer Deadlines?

Below is the MIT transfer deadline by fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Closing DateReported Deadline

Fall Transfer DeadlineMarch 15

Spring Transfer DeadlineNovember 15

Your application should be ready and submitted about a week before the deadline for submission.

What is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s transfer acceptance rate?

MIT got 538 transfer applicants as of 2019. Just 23 students were granted admission. Thus, the transfer acceptance rate for MIT is 4.28%.

At an acceptance rate of 4.28%, the school is very selective and it is hard to transfer into MIT.

What is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology transfer GPA requirements?

The lowest high school Grade Point Average expected on all applicants is 3.5. This is the least GPA required for you to be considered for acceptance at the institute, but that does not mean it will get you admission into the school. The implication of this is that, there are several students applying also, and the school can only select a number of students, due to this, only students with high grades will be selected.

The lowest college Grade Point Average required of applicants is3.5 – this is on a 4.33 point scale.

Additional Transfer Info. For MIT

Transfer applicants are required to submit nothing less than two semester’s worth of credits. Academic departments access the transfer credits on a course by course basis.

MIT Transfer Statistics

4.28% of the students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are transfer students.

MIT Transfer Fee

Transfer students will be required to pay an extra fee of 75$ to the MIT transfer tuition fees.

The normal cost of tuition fees at MIT, located outside of Boston is $51,520.

If you include the board and room, with other fees, students will be paying $70,240 annually. For transfer students, there will be an additional $75.

Below is an analysis of the SAT or ACT of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

25th Percentile75th PercentileAverage

SAT Math760800780

SAT Reading700790745

2018 Total SAT Score146015901525

ACT Math353635

ACT Reading353635

2018 Total ACT Score707271

MIT Scholarships

The MIT scholarship is granted to students based on their financial needs. Students who are unable to afford their education can benefit from this scholarship.

The scholarship is funded by an endowment, donations from MIT alumni and friends, and MIT general funds.

About 60% of the undergraduates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology receive the MIT Scholarships to finance their education at th4 school. The average grant a student can receive is $50,483 as of 2019–2020.

Asides from the MIT Scholarship, undergraduates can also receive scholarships and grants from government and private sources.