Your child(ren) might be eligible for the Mckay scholarship if; they have a physical or learning disability or are struggling in their public school.

The McKay Scholarship Program grants scholarships to students in Florida who are disabled. The scholarship allows students to attend a public school of their choice. It also offers students a scholarship to attend a McKay authorized private school.

What is the McKay Scholarship?

The John M. McKay Scholarship Program gives the parents of students with disabilities the opportunity to choose the favorable learning environment for their children.

Eligible students with disabilities may:

-Choose to stay at their assigned school

-Move to another public school

-Move to a public school in an adjacent district, or

-Move to a participating private school.

Students with the following disabilities are eligible for the McKay Scholarship:

  • intellectual disabilities
  • speech, hearing, and visual impairments
  • emotional or behavioral disabilities
  • learning disabilities
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • developmental delays
  • autism

It should be noted that the scholarship equates to the amount of state-generated financing the student would have collected or the expense of the private school’s education and fees, whichever is less. If parents prefer to register their child in a private school, McKay funds will be mailed directly to the private school four times a year. The parents will then authorize the payment over to the private school.

Parents should be informed that the financial stability of any educational facility and program is crucial to the general welfare of its students. Hence, you should always be certain to authorize the assessment for your child rapidly.

Parents should access all of their choices and select which best suits the requirements of their individual child.

The scholarship is not about public or private schools. It is about every individual child. It is about the parents of those children bringing about the best feasible preference for their child.

How much are the McKay Scholarships?

Scholarships vary from $5,500 to up to $22,000 a year, based on the degree of your child’s diagnosed disability, as implied by the IEP. The amount of the scholarship is discerned by assessments that suggest where your child requires assistance and by a school-based team’s analysis of your child’s needs.

Who is qualified for a McKay Scholarship?

  • Every student who possesses an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is qualified for a McKay Scholarship and custodians of every student who possesses an IEP are qualified to obtain a McKay Scholarship.
  • To be qualified, a student must possess an IEP and be registered in grades K through 12 in a Florida public school from October 1 through March 1.
  • Students receiving a McKay scholarship and attending a state-recognized John McKay private school automatically retain their scholarship every year until they return to their public school, graduate from high school, or reach the age of 22.

How do I obtain a McKay Scholarship?

You can log on to the Florida School Choice web site at to file your intent to partake in the scholarship program. You, however, cannot file your intent by phone, but you can call the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice at 1-800-447-1636 if you have questions.

After a parent files intent, the district’s McKay administrator has 30 days to discern whether a student is eligible. Parents may check online to see the status of the conclusion.

When do I have to file?

There are numerous deadlines throughout the year, regardless, the faster you file, the more scholarship money you will receive. Most parents will file their intent to receive a McKay Scholarship by July 3 prior to the onset of a new school year in order to obtain the full scholarship. Nevertheless, you can file by subsequent deadlines of Sept. 2, Dec. 3 and Jan. 31 and still receive McKay funds.

Do I possess the right to see my child’s public school records?

As a custodian of a child with a disability, you possess the legitimate privilege to see any and all records about your child – regardless of if your child is 18 or older.

You can also meet with a representative from your child’s school if you want one. And can be accompanied by an advocate who can help you obtain information and discuss with school administrators to confirm that your child’s diagnosis is detailed and factual.

The scholarship is valid until one of the following happens:

  • The student goes back to a public school
  • The student advances from high school
  • The student enters the age of 22

The McKay scholarship application is non-reliant on a family’s earnings. If the student is eligible for the program, they obtain the funds even if their family has a high earning.

What are an IEP and a 504?

The IEP and 504 are both tuition plans that ensure students with disabilities. They guarantee that a student is learning in the least limited environment. Each plan differs.

  • The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) guarantees that children with disabilities get specialized education and assistance at the school they are attending.
  • The 504 plan guarantees that children with disabilities get suitable lodging at their school.

Note that some students with disabilities do not require specialized instruction. These are students who can operate well in a normal classroom setting. For this kind of student, a 504 plan is more applicable. A 504 plan enables to the elimination of boundaries so that kids with disabilities can learn alongside other students in a normal classroom.

An IEP is a more reasonable alternative for students who need more assistance. These students require technical instruction. With an IEP, students can obtain additional assistance in an outstanding educational setting.

Is the McKay Scholarship Federally Funded?

The McKay scholarship is disbursed by state funds. A student obtains the state ultimate amount or the expense of their private school tuition and fees. Four times a year, the private school receives funding on behalf of your child.

How Do You Use the McKay Scholarship?

After a student is authorized for the scholarship, they have a few alternatives. They can choose to attend a different public school. They may also decide to use the scholarship to attend a participating private school.

McKay Scholarship Application Deadline

There are two categories of deadlines for the McKay scholarship. There is a deadline for filing intent and a deadline for registering your child in a private school.

You are able to file intent and enroll your student all year. But, when you do it specifies the amount of funding your child obtains.

To obtain the full scholarship, parents must file intent by July 3. They also must register their child for the upcoming school year by August 2nd.

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