Bags cement

Current Bags of Cement Costs

The Cost of a bag of Cement in Nigeria varies between 2,500 Naira to 4,000 Naira depending on the texture types and brand. Bags...
Bua Cement

BUA Cements

BUA Cement has gradually carved a name for itself when it relates to buildings, road construction works, estate and private edifice. BUA Cement Price in...
Lafarge cement

Lafarge Cements

Lafarge Cement is one of the top building item for most construction works like schools, roads, estates, etc. Lafarge Cement Price in Nigeria Lafarge 50kg...
Dangote cement

Dangote Cements

Dangote Cement is one of the most sought after item today for building houses, bridge construction and concrete works. Dangote Cements Price in Nigeria Dangote...
Building materials cost

Building Materials Prices

The Cost of building materials price in Nigeria is determined by the quantity, quality and other factors. Here are prices of sand, granite, etc. Building...