The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship program accessible by high school seniors with monetary need who strive to attend and graduate from the nation’s best four-year colleges and universities.

Why should you apply for Jack Kent Cooke scholarship

Asides the monetary award, Cooke Scholars obtain extensive academic advising, substantial cohort-based programming, and graduate school funding, as well as a booming network of more than 2,700 fellow Cooke Scholars and alumni.

Each Jack Kent Cooke scholarship award is aimed at covering a substantial amount of the student’s academic expenses like the education, living costs, books and mandated fees.

Kindly note that Jack Kent Cooke scholarship awards differ by individual, based on the expense of education as well as other awards or scholarships he or she may receive.

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

About Jack Kent Cooke scholarship

This scholarship is about $40,000 per year to study at a four-year accredited undergraduate school. It also also covers proficiency to pursue any area of study, personal advising about choosing a college and steering monetary assistance.

Multifaceted recommendations about how to transition to college and maximize the college student experience

Jack Kent Cooke scholarship eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, you meet these requirements;

  • Outstanding educational ability and achievement: Strong educational record, educational awards and honors, and substantive appraisals by educators giving classified advice. This includes:
  • Unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above
  • College entrance exam scores (SAT and/or ACT) in the top 15% nationally: SAT combined significant reading and math score of 1200 or above (using the old SAT scoring) or ACT composite score of 26 or above
  • Participation in accessible progressive courses
  • Commitment to learning
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Unmet financial need: Restricted family income and assets in regards to academic costs. Considerable unmet academic costs after taking into account other scholarships and awards students may receive. Applicants with family income up to $95,000 are evaluated. A considerable majority of scholarship recipients will be qualified to receive Pell grants.
  • Persistence: Devotion and endurance in the face of challenges, potential to set and remain concentrated on goals and to put in the effort required to meet those goals in the face of setbacks.
  • Leadership: Ability to establish and positively impact others in school and out-of-school areas (family, religious community, sports, arts, etc.).
  • Service to Others: Purposeful and significant responsibility to others which may be evidenced by participation in volunteer/community service activities.

Jack Kent Cooke scholarship Level/Field

The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship is targeted at students with high academic grade who will be graduating from the country’s best colleges and Universities, to seek an undergraduate degree in any field of study at any four-year accredited University.

Host Nationality

The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship 2020 is hosted in USA.

Jack Kent Cooke scholarship Benefits

The chosen candidate get about $40,000 per year to attend a four-year accredited undergraduate school.

Each Jack Kent Cooke scholarship is aimed at covering a substantial portion of the student’s education costs, including tuition, living expenses, books, and fees.

Jack Kent Cooke scholarship Application Procedures

To start the application procedure, the applicant will have to click the Register button and generate an account with his name. The link is:

The prerequisites of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation for the University Scholarship Program are as follows:

  • Demographic details about you and your family.
  • Scientific details about you, including your unweighted cumulative grade point average, your class notes, and your standardized test scores.
  • Self-evaluation and numerous selection questions.
  • The profile of the school must be finished by your director or advisor.
  • Two teacher propositions to be finalized by the principal teachers
  • Monetary details, comprising the adjusted gross income (AGI) of the last three years for your household.
  • Short and long tests.
  • Official transcripts, college entry, and end-of-transcript reports, duplicate registrations, online courses, etc. (where appropriate)
  • Monetary form, comprising a copy of the parent (s) / guardianship (s) of the last three years. In case no federal tax form has been filed, a Statement of Financial Conditions must be submitted to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in addition to completing the form.

This year the application for the College Jack Kent Cooke scholarship program is submitted using the Common App. You will finalize the General Requirements of the General App, comprising things like your contact details, the school you attend and your grades, and your activities and awards.

You will also bring on your school counselor and two teachers to submit propositions using the Common App. Once you have generated a Common App, add the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation as one of your “schools” to access the College Scholarship requirements. These include:

  • Suitability questions
  • Different short essays
  • Plan your college and intended major
  • Financial information, including the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for the last three years for your household

You can discover more about applying via the Common App on their website:

7 Tips about Jack Kent Cooke scholarship Application

Here are a few tips on submitting a nice application

Don’t underrate yourself

You might think you are not worthy of being selected for the award, but you wouldn’t know if you don’t try.

Begin early and discover important information

Skim through the entire Jack Kent Cooke scholarship application before you start so you can specify the sections that will need the most time and effort, and schedule your time the next few months accordingly.

Skim the directions and follow them carefully

Do precisely as the application says. Fill in all of the spaces, collect all of the right materials your essay must be a response to the question or promp.

Tell your story.

Make use of the brief answers and essays, and any other spaces you can, to give details about yourself. The selection committee cannot know you based on grades alone. So talk about yourself.

Edit and proofread your application.

Review your Jack Kent Cooke scholarship application, you can also seek the assistance of a friend, counselor or family.

Prepare for superior recommendations.

Note that the forms for the recommenders and parents will not be sent to those people until the applicant has finalized and submitted their application. So it is advisable that you give your recommended at least a few weeks and some written materials about your achievements to give a truly great recommendation.


Don’t wait till Jack Kent Cooke scholarship deadline. When all is set and done, submit.

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