If you want to know how to write scholarship thank you letter in 2021, then this guide is all you need. We’ll show you in details on how to write an amazing thank you letter.

You have just received a scholarship grant and you are elated, and you want to see how to write scholarship thank you letter but and you do not know how to go about it.

You are probably wondering why you should be writing a thank you letter after receiving that scholarship letter and must have asked yourself if the donors want you to send a thank you letter to them.

Well, you should send a thank you letter to the donors even if they did not ask.

It is only normal that you appreciate a favour or any gift given to you. That is why it is important to learn how to write scholarship thank you letter.

Scholarship donors are philanthropic and benevolent people who unselfishly assist in the academic efforts of students especially the ones who need it.

Most scholarships are based on merits and some are based on the needs and financial status of the applicants.

These scholarship donors do not mandate you you to learn how to write scholarship thank you letter in return, but getting a well-written thank you letter from a student who is grateful for the scholarship grant is always touching and shows the donor that his or her scholarship grant was seriously appreciated.

Your letter will be a reminder of why they offered the scholarship in the first place and often help maintain continuing gifts for future students.

how to write scholarship thank you letter

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Steps on how to write scholarship thank you letter

Writing a letter that is below standards will not speak well of you, especially considering the league or status of the scholarship donor. It is not just enough to show gratitude, your letter has to be suitable for the calibre of the person you are writing to.

So you might as well put as much energy as you put into applying for the scholarship into learning how to write scholarship thank you letter for the donors.

Greet The Donor

Greeting the person that your letter is addressed to is a norm. Except for this time around, it is done formally since this is a formal letter. Do not forget that you are writing to the donor or organization, not the nomination committee. The reason we advise many to greet the donor after learning how to write scholarship thank you letter is because it makes the donors happy.

The donor’s name should be listed in your award notification and your greeting should be directed to the donor.

Express your Gratitude

Ensure that the letter is written with all attributes of sincerity and make sure you use an active voice.

Do mention the scholarship by name. For instance, Jane Doe High School Scholarship Scheme. The reason we tell anyone learning steps on how to write scholarship thank you letter to include the scholarship name is because it helps the donor remember in case they offer more than one scholarships.

Do not cite money or ask for extra financial support. This is an appreciation letter, the purpose of writing it is to show gratitude for the scholarship grant you already received and noa t to make request for more help or ask for extra monetary assistance.

For instance, you can say: “I am grateful for your generosity.” “It is a privilege to be selected for the Jane Doe High School Scholarship Scheme.” Not “I am grateful for your generosity but I would appreciate it if you can also assist me with accommodation and lodging”

Demonstrate the impact

After learning how to write scholarship thank you letter today, don’t forget to express the impact of being a student at the school that you attend or the school where the scholarship grant is being paid to.

You can about the school, it’s learning conditions.

Look forward

It will be nice if you let them know about your plans for the future, how the scholarship has helped you in the course of your study and what you would like to do after studying or any prospective job.

It makes the scholarship donor happy that you have plans for the future or that you are foresighted. This way, it doesn’t appear like their assistance is going down the drain. Fo,r instance you can say somehing like: “Upon completion of my studies I intend¬† to seek a career in nursing.” Here, the scholarship donor feels like his / her contribution is probably productive even if he/she does not know you personally.

Examples: “once again, thank you for the grant / I appreciate the grant or scholarship award”¬† “Thank you once again. I appreciate the scholarship assistance or financial aid.”

Signing Off your Letter

Once you’ve learnt how to write scholarship thank you letter, always make sure you do not sign off as you would when sending letters to your friends, an acquaintance or a classmate. For Examples: “Sincerely,” “Warm Regards,” “Yours Truly,” “With Sincere Thanks,”

Steps on how to write scholarship thank you letter

  • Try to be understandable and concise. One page should be enough to do the trick.
  • Edit and revise your work. You convey your intellect with correct grammar and spelling. If possible, let someone assist you with proofreading it, to ensure there are no grammatical errors and typos.

You might need a template or a sample to help you learn more about how to write scholarship thank you letter. This alongside the aforementioned guidelines will see you through as you write the thank you letter, ensuring that you do not write a sub-standard thank you letter.

Sample on how to write scholarship thank you letter


Re: Jane Doe High School Scholarship SchMr

Dear Mr. Johnny Hem,

It is a great privilege to be selected for the Jane Doe High School Scholarship Scheme at Boscow State for the Fall 2020 semester.

I am presently a junior, majoring in Biology. I am taking satisfaction in my studies, particularly my animal science courses. I am taking part in various student organizations and this includes student government and the Plant Science Club.

I work part-time at Boscow Nursery and I volunteer at the local dog clinic. I enjoy working with high school students and teaching them about biology.

After graduation, I intend to pass into the credential program and someday become a university lecturer or professbsolutely grateful for the scholarship aid. This scholarship enables we work less hours and concentrate on my studies and extra educational chances. Thank you for your support of Boscow State students.


Joe Claire

Class of 2020

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