1. Get your acceptance letter!

First, you have to decide at which university you want to study in Canada then you need an acceptance letter from a Canadian University to start your application process of student visa. To apply for a Canada student visa or permit you can get help from the official Canadian study permit tool to find out you need a student visa or permit.

Here are some points, where you do not need a student visa

1. You pursue a study program which not more than six months.
2. You are one of the family member or a staff member of a foreign representative in Canada
3. You are a citizen of some other country, however, in Canada register, you have a country status.
4. And, you are a member of foreign armed forces from the Visiting Forces Act.

2. Prepare Study Permit Application!

After receiving the letter of acceptance from Canada university you can start preparing your Canadian study permit application. This application needed a lot of documents like providing your intentions in Canada and as well as the potential to support yourself. But these are the main following documentation those documents requested for your country:

a. Acceptance Letter: As we discussed above.
b. Proof of Financial Support: You have to show them that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family members during the first year in Canada

3. Submit Study Permit Application!

You must have cross-checked that you attach all essential and needed documents for the study permit application. There are two options to submit your application first via online web-portal or other via (VAC) by submitting an application in hard copy to your designated visa application center. Be sure that you plan in advance because the ranging time from country to country is different. It takes times a few weeks or a few months

4. Travel to Canada!

After the approval, you will receive a Letter of Introduction at the Port of Entry (POE) also a travel visa if you are living outside of Canada. With the help of this document, you are fully capable to travel to a Canadian POE to receive your permit of study.

Note, your study permit will not be mailed to you, you have to obtain from at a Canadian POE after the land.

If you are living in Canada then a study permit will be mailed to you.

5. Keep up the good condition!

You take care of the legal status and requirements after the study permit has approved and you land in Canada as an international student, here are the requirements which you should follow this:

a. Always be enrolled in a (DLI) Designated Learning Institution.
b. Have followed the progress toward your program completion
c. Respect a listed condition on your study permit
d. If you no last to meet the requirements, then stop studying
e. Leave Canada after the permit expires