Kindly note that all Google scholarships are available to anyone who meets the basic requirements. We have listed everything you need to know about qualifying for all the latest Google scholarships in 2021.

Google has recently announced a scholarship award, this is great news especially since the impact of covid-19 on the global economy and the fear of a second wave of the pandemic.

Some students are already worried about how to go about schooling and the cost of education. Several students are seeking opportunities that will enable them to get a certificate easily without being worried about the cost of education.

If you fall into these categories, then I am happy to inform you that Google scholarships have brought a learning opportunity for students.

It is important to seize this opportunity earlier on in order to enjoy its benefits.

Google has decided to give these 100,000 Google scholarships for International students to receive the Highest Salary.

Of course, you are eager to know more about this opportunity and how to partake in this International Opportunity.

Apparently, there are several students who find it difficult to study in the USA and this is why Google launched this program for students.

The favorable aspect of these Google scholarships is that these are the Online Scholarships Certifications. No need to be bothered with traveling or tuition fees.

Since college degrees are out of reach for many international students as well as for Americans, these Certifications will be proportional to a 4 Year Collee Degree.

Google Said that these online certification courses from the Google scholarships are developed and the students will be educated by Google employees, and will not be needing a prior College Degree or any experience whatsoever. Google stated that these certifications can be finalized within three to six months.

Note that all the courses will have some tasks and assignments. They have to finish the given tasks. The certifications are being given through the Online E-learning platform.

Although Google is yet to release any Specific Requirements for registration in these courses. You can complete this training within 2 to 3 months. No Qualification of a College or University Degree is required for these Online Scholarships.

America is breaching this gap to provide job opportunities to different people who have promising skills. High Tech companies are finding it hard to find enough eligible candidates to fill the crucial positions. The recent suite of courses will train students in the skills vital.

Google scholarships

About 100,000 Google Scholarships

  • Just like it was mentioned earlier, these Google scholarships are wholly financed by Google Company.
  • Know that a total number of 100,000 scholarships will be granted. But do not get too comfortable, seeing the number of available scholarships can tempt you into relaxing. Do not forget that you still have to give it your best shot. Concentrate on applying and get the certification.
  • It is an Online E-Learning Platform Education.

These Google Scholarships From Employees of Google

According to Employee “The Google scholarships Certificate program has become the single most popular certificate on Coursera, and thousands of people have found new jobs and increased their earnings after completing the course”

Schemed to be a part of the initiative, the company has dedicated $10 million in job training grants. The grants will assist women, veterans, and underrepresented groups in attaining job skills applicable to today’s in-demand positions.

Just like Google, some other Universities have declared their Scholarship Programs, although most of them are still considering the situation and contemplating the necessary actions to take to aid students in their education. Some organizations have initiated cost-free Online Internships with Certificates.

The merit of These Google scholarships Courses

  • These google courses are equivalent to a university degree
  • You are not expected to pay any registration fee.
  • All you are required to do is focus on skills making.
  • A degree is not needed for enrollment.
  • It is online and students will be educated by Google Staff.
  • Note that you can also build your portfolio by adding the Google scholarships certification. So you are required to partake in many Volunteers, Internships, and Free International Courses Certification.

Brief Introduction About Job Role & Salary

Google is offering skills in some fundamental fields mentioned below. You can seize this opportunity to gain some IT Skills through Google scholarships to compete with the world IT technicians and you can earn a good salary.

  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • User Experience (UX) Design

Data Analytics

It is the duty of a Data Analyst to interpret data and turn it into information. The average salary that a Data Analytics receives starts at $60,000 Per Year & he/she can earn up to $70,000. Your income will heighten every year. You should also know that “The lowest-paid Google employees are Entry Levels at $51,000″. If you apply for Google scholarships today, you will learn about Data analytics.

User Experience (UX) Design

UX-UI Designers are normally credible for obtaining, analyzing, examining, and assessing user requirements. According to Google, a UX designer can receive $75,000 a year.

Project Management

A project manager is an individual who has the prevalent obligation for the successful initiation, scheduling, design, undertaking, monitoring, regulating, and closure of a project. According to a statement by Google, a project manager can attain $93,000 a year.

Selection Criteria

  • No Pre-college /University Degree is expected. There is NO ethnicity restriction. Anyone can apply regardless of their nationality.
  • Only attaining skills is important on Google.
  • No work experience is required.
  • The period of these online courses is 3 To 6 Months.

How To Apply For Google Scholarships?

The courses are hosted through Coursera. Ensure that you apply. All you need is to sign up on Coursera right now to start learning.

Kindly sign up and start learning new skills through the Google scholarships 2021 now.

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