Before you start considering sending your submissions for the Fulbright scholarship Program you need to be knowledge about the program and how to apply successfully.

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About Fulbright scholarship Program

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers financial aid by giving awards for individually formulated study/research projects or for English Teaching Assistant Programs.  A candidate has to render a Statement of Grant Purpose specifying strategies to be undertaken during one educational year in a participating country outside the U.S.

Fulbright scholarship finance 8-12 months of multinational background in 155 countries.

Although Fulbright Grants are offered in several structures and are based on country, they fall into three categories (although some countries deliver more than one option):

  • Research grants give applicants the chance to develop and describe their own programs. Projects may comprise self-reliant research, field work, or a variety of activities.
  • English Teaching Assistantships (ETAs), might and might not need familiarity with the host country language and comprise time for extra activities. However, interest in engagement with the host country is greatly sought.

Some countries aid Fulbright scholarship applicants to seek a degree, finish university courses, or take courses in a music conservatory or art school.

  • The Fulbright scholarship invites applications from candidates who propose to engage with the people of the country in which they want to study or work. Candidates who are interested in the Fulbright scholarship should review the very enlightening Fulbright website ( to understand more about Application Components, obtain important directions on applying, be knowledgeable about which countries they might want to check out, and agree on which program within a country might be favorable for them.

Fulbright moreover has a number of unique programs:

  • Fulbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling (NGS)
  • Fulbright mtvU (has its own application timetable)
  • Fulbright-Clinton (for young professionals in public policy)
  • Fulbright Fogarty (for young professionals in public health)

Some countries also have outstanding openings in journalism and business.

Benefits of Fulbright scholarship

Fulbrighters have the chance through their day-to-day ordeals to come together with, work, live with, and acquire knowledge from the people of the host country. Kindly note that Fulbright scholarship program promotes cultural interaction through explicit interaction in the classroom, field, home, and in everyday life, allowing Fulbrighters to attain a reverence of other cultures and belief systems.

The Fulbright ordeal lingers with partakers for life, giving opportunities through networking, and enhances vibrant knowledge to participants’ resumes.

The Fulbright scholarship program award sums are controlled by the availability of federally appropriated funds. The United States Department of State has the right to change without hint, contributing countries, amounts of grants, terms of agreement, and compensations.

Grant advantages for all Fulbright U.S. Student grants

  • round-trip conveyance to the host country
  • allowance to cover room, board, and unexpected costs, based on the cost of living in the host country
  • Emergency & sickness health privileges

In some countries, grants may similarly include:

  • book and research allowances
  • mid-term enrichment activities
  • full or partial tuition
  • language study programs
  • pre-departure and in-country orientations.

Requirements for Fulbright scholarship

Find out the major requirements for the Fulbright scholarship program. Go through all the mentioned requirements to know things they’ll help you qualify for this scholarship.

Seek Mentors

Go to Fulbright exposure sessions on campus and visit your university’s scholarship counselor. Attaining competitive awards, like a Fulbright scholarship, is a huge feat for colleges and universities because they earn bragging rights and a rise in the hierarchies. So several schools employ professional counselors to assist students develop strong applications.

Contact Fulbright Alumni From Your School

Seek the knowledge of Fulbright Alumni from your school. Let them inspire you with their success story.

Select A Research Project

Prior to finalizing on a research topic, observe your target country’s inclinations on the Fulbright website. Handful of host countries pursue projects connected to particular practices, such as public health and social work and for some it is projects geared toward the arts or engineering.

Compose Strong Fulbright Statements

How do you convince the selection committee of your worth? By writing essays that indicate why you (Personal Statement) should be appointed to carry out your project (Statement of Grant Purpose). Be unique and avoid repetitions.

Fulbright Scholarship Program

Maintain Affiliations In Your Host Country

Begin to seek affiliation letters early in the application process. Letters of affiliation from host country universities, NGOs, non-profits, businesses, or research centers make your project credible. To get your letter of affiliation, share Fulbright project proposal with professors in your home university. You can also contact professors abroad whose work is related to your research.

Accumulate Letters Of Recommendation

Let your professors submit a recommendation letter on your behalf. You can give them about a month deadline, to write and submit your letters of recommendation. Provide them with details about your proposed research project.

Prepare For The Interview

Start preparing for the interview as soon as your Fulbright scholarship submission gets to the final round. Some host countries don’t need interviews but the tendency points to more countries comprising phone or video interviews as part of the final stage.

Note that language prerequisites might differ by country. You can also reach out to career or scholarship counselors for tips on the right dress, body language, and how to stage video interviews.

There are tendencies of the Fulbright scholarship Program interview being brief so deter from verbiage and loquacity answers.

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