Flatiron School Bootcamp Reviews and Guide

Are you wondering if Flatiron School is a wise option? This article review will help you make an enlightened decision concerning this.

Several students are concerned about if Flatiron School is the right place to study. If you fall into this category, you might as well read this article and make the decision yourself.

Flatiron is a coding school that was established to aid students in every profession ranging from software engineering, data scientist, or UX designer.

But then is Flatiron school is a good option? Let’s find out.

The courses offered at Flatiron School in Software Engineering, Data Science, Cybersecurity Engineering, and Cybersecurity Analytics.

The programs available include Online, Full-time, Part-time, and Self-paced.

Students who are focused, devoted, and have the intention to fast-track their career. Education here is of a good standard and students get free pre-Bootcamp training.

According to BusinessWire, in 2019, every Flatiron graduate from the Washington DC and London locations will gain employmentafter graduating from the school. In 2019, online graduates had a 93 percent hiring rate. Graduates from Flatiron do gain employment incompanies like Google, MLB, Facebook, NBA, Twitter, and Slack. The school also lays emphasis on boosting the number of women in the tech industry. There was a 6% increase in female graduates’ salaries in relation to their male equivalents as of 2020.

The female population is 32 but increases gradually so there is nothing holding you back if you are a female.

The school is in partnership with Slack, 2U, Compass, Adobe, Facebook, Salesforce, Twitter, and Google and this makes it easy to gain employment in these prominent tech companies.

There is also a job guarantee at the school, and you will receive a complete tuition refund if you are unable to gain employment during the slated time.

Tuition Fees

The cost of attendance at Flatiron for online courses is $15,000, and an on-campus course falls between $15,000 – $18,000.

Payment Options at Flatiron School: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Here are options with which you can pay your tuition:

1. Upfront Payment

After discovering the course you would like to major in, you can choose to pay upfront. This is a very good payment option. You can choose to make an initial deposit and pay off the balance prior to the commencement of classes.

Loan Financing

There are financiers that work with Flatiron School to provide aids for students in need. Climb and Skills Fund are accessible for students and they provide flexible payment options. Skills Fund gives students payment plans that last for up to 36 months, while Climb goes up to 42 months.


The flatiron school offers partial scholarships and free fellowship programs to students from different backgrounds. The platform offers students a partial scholarship program that gives students the opportunity to sign up for courses for free.


The basis of Flatiron’s Income Share Agreement is that you can pay tuition after gaining employment that pays $40,000 per year. The deferred tuition payment commences six months after graduation, and students will pay 10 percent of their income before tax.

Flatiron School Locations

There are Flatiron Schools located across the United States to enable students in their journey to becoming tech moguls. They are located in places like Flatiron School New York City, Flatiron School Austin, Flatiron School Chicago, Flatiron School Denver, Flatiron School San Francisco, Flatiron School Seattle, Flatiron School Houston, and Flatiron School Washington D.C.

Flatiron School Prep Courses

Flatiron has outstanding courses for novices in the tech industry. The aim of these programs is to help you cultivate the right perspective to deal with the tech world.

What Is the Flatiron School Schedule?

Since some of the students at Flatiron School might be working. The school has set a flexible and varied schedule for students.

Below is the schedule:


The full-time students will spend 40 hours every week for 12-16 weeks.


The part-time courses will require 16 weeks each. This option, both in-person and online, can work for any schedule. You can take timed classes or self-paced. If you’re a full-time student or you already have a job, you should try a part-time course.

How to Get Accepted Into Flatiron School

Your application must be outstanding for you to have a chance of gaining admission at Flatiron School.

Flatiron School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Flatiron School is about six percent. This means that the school is highly selecting and interested students will have to work hard to have a chance to work at the school.

Application Process

Submitting an application to Flatiron School is not hard, all you have to do is ensure that you take the right procedure.

You will be required to fill out a written application and submit it to the platform.

Students whose application is successful will get a notification from the admissions team. In this notification, they will be invited for avideo interview.

Interview Questions

Flatiron School interview questions will be to determine who you are individually and as a tech worker. Questions about your career goals, extensive interest in coding, and career background will be asked and it is advisable to work towards them.