College Majors in 2021 – The Best Top 10 you Must Know

While it’s cool to know that you can choose to major in any course, you should also be careful while choosing and choose for the right reasons.

The course you choose to major in will determine the kind of experience and skills that you will acquire in the long run.

This is why it is paramount that you choose a major in which you are interested because it will make learning easier. There are several courses that one can choose to major in, but below are the top 10 college majors you might want to consider.

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Top 10 College Majors you should know in 2021

  1. Computer Science

Computer Science is not limited to studies about computers. The major is vast, including how to apply computer knowledge and other technologies in the real world. Knowledge of computer science can be applied in the business world, households, hospitals, etc.

There are also interesting areas like robotics, natural language recognition programs, artificial intelligence, programming languages, numerical analysis, and gaming technology. The reason why computer science is among the College Majors is that computer science helps one to enjoy the opportunity to be creative and innovative.

Majors in computer science can work as Software Developers, Computer Systems Analysts, IT Managers, Information Security Analysts, Database Administrators, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architect.

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  1. Communications

People who find themselves diving into the Communications College Majors are mostly storytellers, talkers, and people with sharp wits.

Time will be invested in various kinds of presentations and the techniques behind the messages, how the speakers and writers drive their message home.

There will be tutoring on verbal and nonverbal messages, audience response, and the different impacts of various communication environments. Majoring in communications will give you opportunities in business, advertising, human resources, public relations, government, education, media, and social services.

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  1. Government/Political Science

This deals with the study of politics of government, and emphasis is mostly placed on American government, public policy, political philosophy, and comparative government. Majors in this course can acquire outstanding critical thinking and communication skills. They get to have a detailed knowledge of history and culture. The opportunities here are diverse.

College Majors in political science can get to work as lobbyists, political campaign managers, policy analysts, market research analysts, International Development business managers, legislative assistants, legislative analysts, etc.

  1. Business

College Majors in this course are intellectuals when it comes to budgeting, organizing, making plans and strategies, recruitment, direct, and governing various types of associations. There is concentration on areas that play a significant function in every work environment.

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  1. Economics

Economics deals with savings, investment, household. It is based on the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. Economists are critical thinkers. Economists have a great opportunity in the business world.

College Majors in economics have the opportunities to do computer simulations, financial experiments, create economic web pages, and partake in field work-study projects.

  1. English Language and Literature

The major focus of English programs is on literature, language, and writing. English majors find themselves reading from time to time, books from across the world and throughout the different timelines. Majoring in English language and Literature will help you boost your skills as a reader and interpreter of literature. It increases your knowledge of critical viewpoints in any logical situation and improves your skills as a writer and editor. College Majors in English language and literature have opportunities in law, journalism, and publishing.

  1. Psychology

Majoring in psychology broadens the perception of the human mind like learning, awareness, intellect, impetus, emotion, intuition, personality, mental disorders, and the manners in which our tendencies are inherited from our predecessors or altered by our environment. A psychology major does research based on human behavior and mental procedures, comprising the mind, brain, and social interactions.

Psychologists are interested in enlightening, informing, and dealing with issues that as to do with human behavior. Psychology college majors can gain employment as therapists or counselors. They can also be child development specialists.

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  1. Nursing

Nurses are people who help in improving the healthcare industry, they ensure easy communication between patients and the healthcare team.

Majors in nursing learn to schedule, execute and analyze patient care outcomes. college majors in nursing have a great opportunity for employment after their education due to the great demand for nurses in the healthcare industry.

  1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering involves restructuring molecules and analyzing chemical processes.  This also involves building and working in industrial plants where raw materials are chemically modified into final products like fertilizer, pharmaceutical products, etc.  Another important aspect of this, environmental conservation.

  1. Biology

Biology involves studying living things, and this is what biology college majors do. They study everything that has to do with living organisms – cells, bones, skeletal system, cloning, microorganisms – and their environments.  You might be on your way to solving a big medical problem. Most biology majors end up in med school, fields like genetics and biotechnology, or working as a veterinarian, neurologist, botanist, zoologist, optometrist, parasitologist, ecologist, or environmentalist.

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