The Children’s Scholarship Fund is a creative scholarship program designed to help and promote the education of students from low-income families. Established in 1998 by John Walton and Ted Forstmann, the Children Scholarship Fund has helped several students faced with the challenge of funding their education to access good and quality education. More than 150,000 children have benefitted from the scholarship and have received up to $700 in scholarship funding to further their education.

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This article will put you through the application process of the scholarship program, the scholarship worth, and also how to be eligible.

The Children Scholarship Fund seeks to create necessary facilities for underserved children to access the education they need. They seek to give children from low-income families access to the opportunities children from financially stable families are given.

The scholarship provides enough funding to relieve the financial burden the parents face, however, each family must be able to pay at least a quarter of the tuition fees for their ward’s education.

Findings are awarded year-round until the candidate’s funding expires, thus, parents or guardians are urged to submit the applications for their children as early as possible to higher their chances of being chosen for the scholarship.

The deadlines of this scholarship vary depending on the deadlines of the candidates’ schools. Each school has its deadline therefore candidates should get enough information about their schools before applying.

The award amount of the scholarship varies depending On the family’s financial status and the tuition fees of the student’s school. It’s is however calculated that the scholarship provides a study text between 25% and 75% of the participation expenses. Parents should also be aware that there is a maximum award amount assigned for each city. According to the organization, the general limit is $1,700.

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Generally, students will be awarded benefits up to the 8th Grade upon admission to the program.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the scholarship program, candidates must meet the following requirements:
•Candidates must be at least five years old and attending kindergarten and must not have exceeded the 8thh Grade.
•Multiple children from the same family are able to apply for the scholarship as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.
•No high school scholarships are awarded, only children from Kindergarten to the 8th Grade are eligible to receive funding.

How To Apply

To apply for the Children’s Scholarships Fund, candidates must first locate the Children’s Scholarship Fund partner program on the official website. Candidates must ensure that they meet the minimum requirements to get enrolled in the school. To complete the application, candidates must then submit a completed application with their child’s report card and tax forms.

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