The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that awards and recognises middle and high school students for their academic accomplishments.

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There are approximately 1500 chapters in middle schools and high schools throughout the state comprising of students who meet the requirements to apply for certain scholarships. To participate in these scholarships, interested and eligible candidates are to submit their applications, the scholarships are merit-based therefore only exceptionally brilliant students will be chosen for the scholarships. Each chapter is assigned a staff adviser to take control of the affairs within.

Every year, the organisation holds conferences where students will be presented with awards and recognition for their achievements.

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In 1916, Mr. Charles F. Seymour, Vice-principal of National City High School in San Diego County, at a convention of high school principals in Oakland, suggested that organizations should honor excellent high school students for their accomplishments. However, his struggles to get recognition for outstanding high school students proved abortive at that time. Mr. Seymour then lead an active campaign to get the support for students for five years, he was also joined by some schools who organised small societies to support the motive.

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In 1921 Mr. Seymour appeared again at the Principals’ Convention in San Rafael and requested that a state-wide scholarship society be established. Mr. Seymour’s received various disagreements on the day, however, he was able to gain the attention and support he needed. A week later, high school principals received invitations to send representatives to Los Angeles on June 4 to organise such an organisation.

A committee of five began work on a constitution in June which was finally approved on October 15. After the California Scholarship Federation was inaugurated, thirty-four schools applied for privilege membership, twenty-nine of these schools were given recognition immediately, and chapter numbers were determined.

Member schools of the California Scholarship Federation are eligible for a series of tuition scholarships and awards available at universities and colleges across the state. Fifty students receive $2,000 each, and five students, one from each region of California, is awarded a $3,000 tuition scholarship.

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Since its inauguration, the organization has helped facilitate the education of exceptionally brilliant students in the United States. It also drives students to be motivated by community service to hone the strength of the students and the community.