Are you an undergraduate student seeking to study abroad and have the study abroad experience? Then apply for the Boren Scholarship, a language study abroad scholarship program that allows students to hone their linguistic abilities in various parts of the world. Also known as the Boren Awards for International Study, the Boren Scholarship has helped to fund the education of many students seeking to gain extensive knowledge in linguistics and international cultures.

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The program aims at increasing the number of United States scholars learning the world’s critical languages allowing the United States to stay relevant in the ever-changing economic system.

The program’s goal is to improve national security by sending United States scholars to key world areas to learn critical languages. Beneficiaries of the program can go-ahead to pursue careers in national security and more.

The program also aims at creating long-lasting relationships between the United States and the host countries which allows for free inflow and importation of goods other important economic factors.

Aside from the year-long programs they offer, the Boren program also gives prizes for semester-long projects and summer programs for STEM scholars.

Candidates who participate in this scholarship program must work for the United States government for at least a year after completing the program. Candidates can also go ahead go pursue prestigious careers associated with national security and land a permanent job in one of the most prestigious positions related to national security.

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The Boren Scholarship will provide funding for students’ trips to regions of interest to the US government, for example, Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Central/Eastern Europe. Candidates will spend a minimum of 12 weeks or longer, except for the STEM summer program.

The actual award amounts vary based on the budget entered by candidates during their applications. However, the different award amounts in respect to the program’s duration are listed below:

8-11 weeks: Maximum amount is $8,000 for a STEM summer program.
12-24 weeks: Maximum amount is $12,500.
25-52 weeks—Maximum amount is $25,000.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

•Candidates must be a US citizen
•Must have graduated high school or possess a GED
•Must be enrolled in an accredited institution during the program duration.

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How To Apply

To begin your application, you must first assess the available study options and choose which areas you wish to study. After successfully choosing your study area, you then need to provide a thorough budget for the number of weeks you will spend at the program. budget must include all expenses, such as accommodation, transportation, tuition and fees, textbooks, health insurance, and other expenses.

Candidates must then write two essays to add to their applications. The first essay should be about the topic of national security and the second essay should be on the topic of your study abroad program. The essay must illustrate your study program in detail.
Candidates will also need to submit two to three reference letters and a certified copy of their school transcripts.

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Application Deadline

The 2022 Boren Scholarships application deadline is on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, at 5 pm Eastern. Interested and eligible candidates are advised to apply before this date.