Boarding Schools in California

California is home to some of the best sights in the world, a place of attraction for tourists and visitors. California also offers the best and most conducive environments need for comprehensive learning and education.

California is home to some of the world’s best public universities. Universities in California have known rivals of other world-leading schools due to their indisputable reputation in academics, sports, and research.

California is also home to many world-renowned boarding schools. In this article, we will be looking at some of California’s best boarding schools and some of their features.

#1: Ojai Valley School

Ojai Valley School is a boarding and day school for students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The school equips its children with a comprehensive education through a diverse curriculum that bringsout the best in students. Students also benefit from extracurricular activities including arts and music, equestrian, athletics, and outdoor education.

#2 Athenian School

This school offers students the opportunity to discover themselves through good teachings and skill acquisitions. The school allows students to discover their talents which allows them to thrive in their chosen area of study, enabling them to make a notable difference in the world. The school offers distinguishing features like international programs, service, and wilderness experience.

#3: Dunn School

This school focuses on building the relationship between students and teachers. In Dunn School, teachers interact with students which is one of the basic processes of education. 

#4: Cate School

Cate School was established in 1910. Cate Scholl is a four-year coeducational, college-preparatory boarding school outside Santa Barbara, CA. 81% of the school population are boarders. Students in this school come from 31 states and 18 foreign countries.

#5: Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy was established in 1931. This school is a college-preparatory high school for girls. In this school, students are committed to a life of study, prayer, and service as it is a catholic school.

#6: Idyllwild Arts Academy

In this school, students major in Music, Theatre, Dance, Visual Art, Film & Digital Media, InterArts/Fashion Design, or Creative Writing. 

#7: Midland School

Midland School was Founded in 1932. The school offers a wide range of academic programs. Students of Midland live and learn on the campus. Midland School connects students, to their curriculum, their teachers, and the school.

#8: Monte Vista Christian School

Monte Vista Christain School focuses mainly on innovating their students with technology. The school was one of the first to digitize its entire library. They are the first in the world to integrate the iPad and iPad 2 into the classroom. 

#9: Oak Grove School

Students at Oak Grove enjoy a conducive atmosphere, vegetarian food, art facilities, a recording studio, computer labs, and supportive ESL classes. The school teaches its students to develop a global view and a sensitivity toward the environment and preserving it. The school allows students to investigate the nature of their thinking.


#10: San Domenico School

San Domenico School is located in San Francisco. San Domenico is a comprehensive school that prepares its students for college. The school is well known for its exceptional was established in 1850.


#11: Woodside Priory School – The Priory

The Priory offers a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that has helped a lot of students find admission into their respective colleges. The school emphasizes comprehensive education and sports.


#12: Stevenson School

Stevenson School is a day/boarding school that prepares its students for college. The school was named after Robert Louis Stevenson, adventurer and storyteller, interpreting the school’s challenging curriculum. The school enables students to discover themselves through creativity and skill acquisition.


#13: The Thacher School

The Thacher school was founded in 1889. Thacher is a college-preparatory school that has helped many students qualify for top colleges and universities, allowing them to become significant individuals. The school offers a challenging curriculum.


#14: The Webb Schools

The Webb Schools offer students comprehensive learning. They have two schools on one campus. The Webb School is also known for its museum of paleontology. A college-preparatory school that is committed to sports, arts, leadership, and service. Webb has helped numerous students qualify for top colleges around the world.


#15: Villanova Preparatory School

Villanova Preparatory School was established in 1924 as a Catholic school in the Augustinian tradition. Villanova is a college-preparatory school that accepts international students with cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. Students from this school have grown up to become recognized individuals all over the world.

#16: Santa Catalina School

Santa Catalina is one of California’s best schools for girls. With a nice variety of curriculum that challenges the minds of students. The school’s curriculum allows students to explore every area of their lives. It makes students involved physically,  creatively, and intellectually.

17:  Southwestern Academy

Southwestern Academy is a  college-preparatory school that teaches students in a non-competitive environment.