Are you looking for Arkansas scholarship lottery 2021 programme today? Keep reading to find out how to apply now.

Would you like to be one of the lucky students who get their tuition fees paid by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery?

Would you like your tuition fees throughout your academic year to be financed by the Arkansas scholarship lottery? Then you might want to read further.

The Arkansas scholarship lottery is focused on financing students education throughout their years in school if they are eligible for the scholarship and can retain their scholarships in their remaining years in school.

This scholarship lottery has financed over 270,000 scholarships for college students throughout the state. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has granted a total sum of $700 million in in-state tuition expenses since 2009.

Kind note that Arkansas scholarship lottery program is centred on financing students’ education while delivering a productive source of recreation for the community.

Lottery earnings also finance workforce training chances through the Arkansas workforce challenge scholarship. This program will be liable for the payment of tuition and fees of about $800 per eligible program for high-demand careers in healthcare, information technology and industry. Examples of these high-demand careers in health care, information technology and industry include dental subordinates, aircraft technicians, and computer programmers. Students applying for Arkansas scholarship lottery are required to have applied for a minimum of 30 days before the enrollment in an eligible program.

During the last legislative session, a law was enacted to enable extra lottery earnings to finance simultaneous credit scholarships for high school juniors and seniors seeking college credit. Act 465, the Arkansas Concurrent Challenge Scholarship, started being accessible in January 2020 and applications are expected to be made through the student’s public high school.

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

How Arkansas scholarship lottery Work?

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has various accessible games like the Instant Games (scratch-offs), Powerball, Cash 3 Mega Millions, Lucky for Life and Cash 4.

If a person purchases a lottery ticket for one of those games, a huge percentage of the earnings is for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarships. Although some money is kept aside for those who would win the lottery, a large part of it is for the Arkansas scholarship lottery winners.

Where to Apply

All residents of Arkansas can apply for lottery scholarships via the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. There are several awards that they can benefit from such as the awards for forthcoming high school graduates, present college students, preceding college students and high school graduates that have never been to college.

In as much as you have resided in Arkansas for a minimum of 12 months and intend to stay in-state for college, you should be qualified for the Arkansas scholarship lottery programme. The deadline for applying is usually posted on the department’s website, although they generally fall on June 1st.

Awards Accessible via the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Program

The scholarship award is of two categories: there is the one for high school students and the one for non-traditional students. The total sum of amounts granted are the same, but the qualification prerequisites for each of the categories are quite different.

So as a student, you will have to check out which category you fall into before applying for the Arkansas scholarship lottery programmes online.

Funds are granted for the Academic Challenge Scholarship depending on a system that incentivizes student achievement and their ability to retain their scholarship.

Presently, the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship offers a sum of $1,000 for the first year; $4,000 for the second year; $4,000 for the third year and $5,000 for the fourth year. But for students attending two-year colleges, a sum of $1,000 the first year and $3,000 the second year will be given.

Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship For High School Students

Are you are a high school student with the intent of entering college after you graduate and you want to apply for the Arkansas Academic Scholarship? then all you require to be eligible for an Academic Challenge Scholarship is an ACT score of 19 or higher.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery program will also receive ACT equivalents. Applicable scores include 900 for the verbal and math sections of the SAT, a 40 ASSET score, a 64 COMPASS score, or a 79 ACCUPLACER score.

Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship For Nontraditional Students

The students who do not enter/attend college on graduating from high school fall into the category of non-traditional students. The requirements for this is a 19 ACT score or higher, as well as a 2.5 GPA from an Arkansas high school or a 2.5 GPA after 12 hours of college courses.

Maintaining Eligibility for an Arkansas Lottery Scholarship

In case you are already a beneficiary of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, you must meet up with specific prerequisites to retain your eligibility during your second, third and fourth years in school. This means that you must successfully finish 27 semester hours of college during your first year of college and 30 semester hours every year after that. You can still retain eligibility as a part-time student, but your award amount will be lesser than the regular amount.

You must also keep up with a GPA of 2.5 while in college to go on with obtaining an Arkansas Lottery scholarship. Should you decide to take a semester off, your scholarship will be put on hold. And this can only be done for a maximum of two semesters. The scholarship is eligible for renewal upon finishing 130 semester hours if you meet all of these eligibility prerequisites.

In case your degree expects you to be in school for over 130 semester hours, the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship committee will assess your conditions. They will deduce whether or not they will continue your award again. Similarly, if you attain a bachelor’s degree before this bar, you will not be qualified for extra allotment.

The applications for lottery-funded scholarships can be located at the Arkansas Department of Higher Education’s website at When you get to the website, you can fill out the Department’s Universal application to find out the eligibility prerequisites for all of the state’s scholarship programs. Students can also download the YOUniversal financial aid app and apply directly from a smartphone.

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