Amazon Student Scholarship program 2021-2022 ($5,000)

Several students cannot afford tuition fees to further their education in a college or university and this is the reason why most students drop out of school. A college or university degree puts you at an advantage when seeking jobs especially jobs with favorable pay and working conditions because skills and knowledge are acquired at a school of higher education.

This is why some students choose not to give up on higher education regardless of everything it has to take to finance their education -be it working after school hours, taking shift jobs, or taking students loans (several students who take students loan use the first few years of working after graduation to pay for student loans).

It is for the purpose of helping determined students achieve their goals of attaining higher education that scholarships are established.

There are several scholarships that students can apply for to support and finance their education. Some of these scholarships cover all tuition while the others cover part of the tuition. There are scholarships that can be renewed yearly, the students will receive the award every year, while some scholarships only award a one-time grant.

Some scholarships are merit-based while others are need-based but we will be looking at Amazon Scholarship in this article and every necessary thing to know about the scholarship.

Amazon Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that targets highly intelligent students who are active.

The primary purpose to be achieved with this scholarship is to create more awareness and boost enrollment in Amazon Student. Amazon Student is the company’s program mainly designed for students andis a discounted version of Amazon Prime.

Intelligent, active and engaging students will be chosen and will become an ambassador to Amazon. So this is not a total philanthropic act by Amazon.

Ripley MacDonald, director of student programs at Amazon,claimed that the purpose of designing the scholarship is to “reward students who demonstrate extraordinary leadership skills and innovative thinking.”

To be eligible for this scholarship, students will submit anapplication, after which they will be evaluated based on their GPA,their engagement in the community, their leadership ordeal, and the students will have to finish off an essay to move on to the final stage.

50 full-time undergraduate students will benefit from this scholarship and will be awarded $5,000 toward tuition and $500 to spend on textbooks at

Students who have the intention of entering college in 2021 or have the desire to proceed with an undergraduate course are all qualified to apply for and partake in the Amazon Student Scholarship Program 2021.

The Amazon Student Scholarship is accessible to undergraduate students who want to study in the US. Courses. These courses might be in any discipline, at an accredited not-for-profit college or university.

Students whose discipline is studied at an accredited 2-year or 4-year college or university course will be qualified for this scholarship. High school American students who need to finance their education or are seeking a grant to help finance their education can apply for the Amazon Student.

Host Country

The Amazon student scholarship will be held and hosted in the US.

The Amazon Student Scholarship is only accessible for US students.

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the eligibility requirements of any students who are interested in applying for the Amazon Student Scholarship. Students who fall out of this, will unfortunately not be awarded the scholarship.

– To be eligible, the applicant must be a US citizen studying in the USA.

-Students who are interested in this scholarship must be Amazon Student members.

-All interested students, must be undergraduate students on full-time courses at a not-for-profit U.S. college or university which either begins or continue from fall 2021. The courses may be in any major of their choice, at an accredited not-for-profit college or university;

High school seniors are also eligible to apply, in as much as they are applying ahead of entering college this year, including a junior show.

How to Apply for Amazon Student Scholarship program 2021

To apply for the Amazon Student Scholarship, all applicants will be required to write an essay about Amazon and its business. The students will have to talk about what they understand by the business, what it means to them, its various trade models, and the benefits end-users get from buying at Amazon. The format of the essay is up to each applicant, whatever helps to highlight the reasons choose Amazon.

Applicants could look at pricing policy, distribution networks and coverage, exceptional product range, accelerated they think of the company, the delivery, sales support, flexible payment methods. They can also check out the reasons why most people prefer to use Amazon.

All applications submitted for the scholarship will be evaluated and judged by the AMZ-Expert board and they will be looking out forcreative, imaginative, and engaging responses.