It is expensive to study abroad not everyone can fulfilling their dream of studying abroad. But believe me, or not there are so many countries globally where you can study either free or at a low cost. In this article, we find out 7 powerful places to study abroad for free in on particular order.

1. Germany

Germany is known for the land of thought that offers study opportunities to international students at a very low cost and give him a high-quality life. The country offers a higher education system within just €100 (£75) to €250 (£185) per semester fee. Universities in Germany have not to charge single money from undergraduate and Ph.D. levels.  No doubt students life in Germany is relatively cheap in comparison to other countries.

2. Norway

the study is Norway is almost free for all the global students. Norway is known for its beautiful destinations and high-quality life. Also, the essential reason to study in Norway is the high level of English-taught programs at all study levels. As non-EU/EEA students can also do part-time work up to  20 hours a week side by side of their study. While studying free in Norway, However, we also not ignore the high cost of living which is around  NOK10,000 (£800) per month.

3. Brazil

As we, all know Brazil is famous for carnival, dancing, and football. Brazil is one of the favorite places for students who can enjoy a good living life and high-quality study together at a low cost. In order to grab a place, students have to clear an exam against thousands of students all over the world. Also, there is another requirement to study in Brazil you should have a good knowledge of Portuguese.

4. Finland

Finland universities charge no tuition fees especially for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees for all the students regardless of which of the country student has come from. To and take a student visa of Finland student has to show at least €560 (£415) a month of disposal. Also, Finland universities offer students to work up to 25 hours a week alongside their studies.

5. Scotland

To live in Scotland is a dream especially around historic castles and incredible scenery. Tuition fees can be paid by Scotland’s student award agency to Scottish citizens and students from other EU countries, so you can study completely free of charge. But if you come from England, Wales, or Northern Ireland then you will have to pay an annual tuition fee. To avoid it there are many universities that offer scholarships to help.

6. Austria

Austria is a bit costly compared to other countries but there are many public universities that provide free tuition fees. The fee for overseas students is approx.  €725 (£535) per semester in public universities bit in private university it much higher starting around at €1,000 (£740) per semester.

7. Spain

Get the degree from pain is relatively cheap. Talking about public universities that charge between  €680 (£505) and €1,280 (£950) a year. Students are charged per credit in the Spanish education system. It is between €9 (£7) and €16 (£12) for a Bachelor degree and for a matter degree it is a little much expensive approx. €21 (£16) and €27 (£20).