According to the QS ranked survey in 2016 Singapore comes in 6th place on the world’s best cities for students. So, If you wanted to study abroad specially in Singapore, but are afraid of the education costs, then you will be happy to know that studying in Singapore is not as expensive as the other countries. Here are the seven perfect reasons why you should study in Singapore.

1. Global education standard in Singapore

Singapore is a place of one of the best private and public universities that offer the latest academics and cutting-edge infrastructure. There are a lot of scope and opportunities who pursue higher education there. Check some of the top class universities in Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), and Singapore Management University (SMU).

2. Apt For Exchange Students

If you wanted or planning to study in abroad so, no doubt Singapore is best for you because there are humongous interaction student who pursues their degree from Singapore University. It has been seen that most of the students come from the UK and other European nations. That helps students to come in contact with different cultures.

3. Affordable education

Education in Singapore is not very costly in comparison to other big countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia. The minimum fees of the university in Singapore is around USD 11,800 per annum. And if you go there to pursue an undergraduate degree then you get a subsidy on your tuition fees which is quite beneficial for you.

4.  Cost of living

Singapore comes at the top when we talking about entertainment, high-quality life, healthcare, transportation, and other facilities. You can enjoy it all at a very reasonable price. The average price range of living a life for students is between SGD 750 and 2,000. Singapore allows foreign students to live in campus hostels, private hostels, halls of residence, or in owned privately flats.

5.  Job opportunities

You can do a part-time job If you a student who is suffering from money problems. Singapore has a separate working policy for those students who wanted to do a part-time job. According to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, overseas students who on a student pass are capable to work part-time for 16 hours a week alongside their term studies.

6. Places of interest

Singapore is a place of many thriving ecosystems of nature and rainforests,  wildlife, wetlands, and nature reserves. There are 24 x 7 nightclubs, live music bars, clubs, pubs, and beach bars for a partyholic folks. As well as there are lots of malls, museums, and dining to make your life thrilling.  You can enjoy the delicious food of many nations includes  Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan, and many others.

7. Zero-Margin FX Rates Money Transfers

Now you know that the educational cost is quite reasonable. A lot of money could be costly money transfer in Singapore because the maximum of the money transfers promise to charge zero fees then after a payment they charge a major part of your money. But InstaReM allows you to transfer more than 55 plus countries at Zero-Margin FX Rates which is quite helpful for international students.