About McGill University, Canada.

McGill University is a public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was Founded in 1821 by royal charter granted by King George IV.

It has the highest entering grades in all of Canada’s Universities and over degrees and diplomas in over 300 fields.

The University boasts among its alumni and faculty, 12 Nobel laureates, 47 Rhodes Scholars [both the most of any university in Canada],10 billionaires, a current prime minister and two former prime ministers of Canada, a former Governor General of Canada, at least eight foreign leaders,  28 foreign ambassadors and well over 100 members of national legislature.

It’s rich list of alumni also include six Academy Award winners, 3 Grammy Award winners, at least 5 Emmy Award winners, four Pulitzer Prize winners, and 121 Olympians with over 35 Olympic medals.

McGill has rightly been dubbed “the home of greats.”

About the 2021 McCall MacBain Scholarships:

The McCall MacBain Scholarship is a fully funded award that provides undergraduate and masters students’ of the University financial aid with well over 50 other awards amounting to $5,000 and $10,000.

The subjects it covers are as duly listed below:

  • Arts
  • Architecture
  • Business Administration
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Music
  • Public Policy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Urban Planning
  • Law
  • Theology
  • dentistry
  • Medicine

Undergraduate Degrees:

  • BCL/JD (Law),
  • DMD (Dentistry),
  • MDCM (Medicine)

Masters Degrees:

  • MA (Arts),
  • MArch (Architecture),
  • MATL (Arts in Teaching and Learning),
  • MBA (Business Administration),
  • MEd (Education),
  • MEng (Engineering),
  • MISt (Information Studies),
  • MM (Management),
  • MMus (Music),
  • MPP (Public Policy),
  • MSc (Science),
  • MScA (Science, Applied),
  • MScAPT (Science, Applied in Physical Therapy),
  • MScAOT (Science, Applied in Occupational Therapy),
  • MSW (Social Work),
  • MUP (Urban Planning),
  • LLM (Law), STM (Sacred Theology).

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  • There are no nationalities barriers to the McGill Scholarship.
  • Applicant must have a Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or refugee status in Canada.
  • For international students, proof of proficiency in English Language.
  • Applicant must have been admitted or offered admission at the McGill University
  • Applicant who intend to apply for 2022 Fall admission to an eligible full-time master’s or professional program at the McGill University.

Application Procedures:

Interested, qualified and eligible candidates should note:

The McCall MacBain Scholarship application will be open from June to September 2021 for those planning to start a program in Fall 2022.

Candidate must also apply directly to McGill for at least one eligible full-time masters or professional program for Summer/Fall 2022 admission. You’ll need to apply by the program deadline or by mid-December 2021 at the latest if you are selected for final interviews.