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12 Signs She ‘might be’ Pretending to love you (No. 11 is Common)

Here are 12 Signs that shows she is Pretending to love you. When a girl is not into you, here is how to tell from her actions and what they do.

Signs She is Pretending to love you

Signs she is pretending to love you

Understand that these signs differ from individuals to individuals. She is pretending to love you if most of these signs are relatable.

But some guys will still decide to “die on top her matter” even when she has made it clear with her actions.

Let me tell you a little something I know about this thing called love.

Love is one of the strongest emotions we humans will ever experience.

We have absolutely no control where, when or how it will begin to show itself.

Most times, we fall in love with someone without being aware and we find ourselves wondering when or how it happened.

Love is uncontrollable and has a popular feature of making one do stupid things.

Love can make you cross the deepest oceans and climb the highest mountains and bla bla bla, abeg is it that deep?

I have deeply loved someone before and still do, surprise surprise for all the people calling me obiakpo, lol.

On a serious note though, love can make you do things you ordinarily will not do, just for the one your heart yearns.

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So, when a girl is not into you, you are supposed to know, unless of course, you are hoping to win her over with time.

Guys, nobody is ever too busy or occupied to make out time for someone else.

When a girl is not into you, she will devise several, hilarious and sometimes, ridiculous ways to run away from you.

Signs she does not love you

Please ladies, correct these article in the comment box if you believe they are not true.

1. She is always full of excuses

I saw one funny cartoon on Instagram once. It was of a lady on the phone with a man.

She was saying, “I will call you back, let me close the fridge.” And another one “I can’t see you on Saturday; I will be having a headache that day.” Lmao!

Forget, we women are wonderful people.

When that girl you have been crushing on begins to give you funny excuses, forget it, she’s not into you.

2. She ignores your texts and Whatsapp chats

When a girl is not into you, she will see your messages and do eye like she did not see it.

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Let me tell you what she does when she sees it.

Girl: (excitedly opens Whatsapp, expecting to see a message from her crush or her lover but instead, she sees yours.) “Mtchewww, this guy will not just leave somebody alone. Every time, he will be sending me a nonsense message, can’t he just get it? I’m not interested.”

Even when she eventually replies, it must have taken a month or more.

3. She always brings a friend to your dates

Anytime you invite her out, she brings her bestie with her.

She is not doing that to eat your money or anything; she just does not want to be alone with you.

She is trying to avoid any intimate conversation between you two and she brings her friend to make sure it doesn’t happen.

4. She calls you “friend”

When a girl is not into you, she will always refer to you as a friend.

She will say things like, “you are such a wonderful friend, your future girlfriend is lucky.”

You will introduce her to your friends with an endearing quality but she will tell her own friends that you are just her friend.

5. She tells you she isn’t ready for a relationship

If someone loves you, she will not hesitate to start a relationship with you.

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Once that girl begins to tell you she is not ready to date anyone, she is not into you.

The same girl will date another guy she fancies without batting an eyelid if she is into him.

So, when she says she is not ready, her heart may be somewhere else.

6. She ignores your calls and does not call back

I’m gonna have to admit that I am guilty of this one, lol.

Firstly, I hate calls. I’m weird, I know that. I don’t like being disturbed.

Sometimes when my phone rings, I will be angry and I won’t pick it.

But if I am in a relationship with someone and he calls, I will make an exception.

I can never be too busy or want my peace when it involves him.

So, if that girl does not pick your calls often and she makes excuses on why she didn’t call you back, dude, she’s not into you.

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