For students studying abroad, two things matter: the number of tuition fees and the cost of living. Each country has tension charges and the cost of living according to its own conditions. So, students have to show understanding to choose their study destination. Check out the 10 most affordable countries to study abroad.

1. Sweden

Sweden is one of the country largest country in Europe that offers affordable fee for those international students who seeks a dream to study in abroad. The quality of education and the professor of the Universities is praised by students. Also, the living expense to live in Sweden is comparatively less in comparison to other countries. An $8500 in a year is enough to live easily and educate themselves.

2. Germany

Germany is the best country and destination for international students. There are many public Universities that provide an affordable study with various study programs. Germany is known for a good level of education specifically in the English language. A lot of Germany Institutions also give a chance to do a part-time job alongside with their semesters for better living life.

3. South Africa

South Africa is the best option in terms of opportunities and affordable education. Students save their lot of expenses in food and shelter. Based on the last few year’s statics, an average amount to pursue a degree course in South Africa is around $9,130 a year. But it would be costly if you live in first-tier cities.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan is an Asia based countries that offer affordable or cheap shelters and good education to International students. The top university in Taiwan that ranks 69th best in the world in 2020 is National Taiwan University (NTU). One of the drawbacks of studying in Taiwan is limited no. of study programs.

5. Denmark

If you are looking for some of the safest places to pursue their bachelor and advance degree then you have to go to Denmark. The crime rate in Denmark is lower than the other popular countries and also it gives affordable study courses and accommodation to international students.  The average expenses per year in Denmark is around $10,200 a year.

6. Austria

Austria is one of the beautiful places for accommodation as well as the study at a reasonable cost. Universities in Austria is the most affordable universities around the world. There are many professor and Institutions who has been recognized by many big awards. The Minimum $10,500 is the average expense of studying in Austria as per year.

7. Russia

The price of public universities in Russia is affordable for everyone but if you want to get admission to the Russian Universities it’s important to know about the Russian language. The tuition cost is cheaper but the living and meal expense is much costlier. The average cost to study in Russia is 11,500 a year.

8.  Belgium

Belgium has so many universities that offer many free tuition programs to international students. To study in Belgium it needed that students be good as one of the few languages such as French, German or Dutch. Additionally, a Belgium student visa allows you to do a part-time job to fulfill your need.

9. Finland

As we tell you that there are many places in European countries that provide high-quality education almost free Finland is one of them. The average living cost and educational cost in Finland is around $9,300 a year which is comparatively low.

10. Norway

According to the statics, almost all the countries in  Nordic is cheaper than in other countries where international students can easily pursue their academic study. All the programs in Finland are provided in English. But unfortunately, the living cost in Norway is high which is around $12,000 a year.